Entrepreneurs and they own some special qualities and

Entrepreneurs are not born. Entrepreneurs are not like athletes, they don’t need natural inherent body and muscles. An athlete’s child may grow up an athlete, but it would not happen in an entrepreneur’s family.

Many businesses bankrupted everyday, including some entrepreneur’s family. However, entrepreneurs are nurtually made, and they own some special qualities and also need some trainings and experiences as athletes. Many people from non-entrepreneur’s families start their own business and become entrepreneurs everyday. Dhirubhai Ambani, the most enterprising business man who’s father is a school teacher, started his business on his own (Prakash, n.d). Warren Buffett, is not born as an entrepreneur either. He started his company when he was 27 years old using his earns from his pervious investments, made a great profit from his unique and accurate opinion on the stock market, and his Berkshire industrial Kingdom became a famous huge business in the world (Kennon, n.

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d). There are many examples of entrepreneurs who started their businesses as a green hand, instead of inheriting from their families. Thus we could not say that entrepreneurs are born, however, the entrepreneurs acquired many qualities that made them success.