Essence human beings as well as animals. It is

 Essence of character is considered as moral nature of human beings as well as animals. It is Dream of all parents to see their child grow up to be a responsible, lovable and a dynamic personality. For doing so, parents go to any extent possible from getting memory booster drinks, health drinks and supplements. What the kid actually needs is the attention and time from parents.Parenting is like a long term investment where we need to put more and expect very less in return. Parents are the role model for children. They learn every single thing by watching the parent’s behavior and emotions. Hence it’svery necessary to control our behavior to tune our children.Spend more time with your children than on internet and social media. Make them feel loved and secured to face the world with confidence.Parents should help children by promoting moral action through self discipline, good work. Good habits, kind and considerate behavior with others, and community service. Normally children look up to their parents as role models. Never quarrel before children or abuse any one.Discipline, dedication, friendship, meditation, earnestness, simplicity, helpfulness, patience, appreciativeness, right speech, modesty, love for justice, honesty, sincerity and magnanimity are some characteristics of moral education.Civility and respectEditor Khaled Al Maeena said in one previous interview about lack of civility and approach in today’s children. He mentioned as “It doesn’t cost anything to be civil”. Weshould teach our children to be respecting others views and opinions. Little pair of eyes is always watching us, sowe need to remain polite and respectful to others. Teachkids to apologize if they have done anything wrong to.others.This will help to grow humble.Teach them traditional and family valuesLets us teach our children love and not ego, the value of family ties and our family tree. As many of us live in nuclear family, we fail to show them the art of living together and living with tolerance. Let the Child know their grandparents and spend time with them. Always remember that your child will become who they are around most of the time. So watch their company and above all give them YOUR company.Refrain from backbitingEvery parent must Cultivate the habit of following the conscience to children. Backbiting and mocking people should not be encouraged at any cost. Gossiping also spoils other persons reputation and credibality.Teach them that when the tongue is slipped, we can never recover the words.Value of sharingTake opportunities to teach your child how to be caring and sharing towards others especially the under privileged…let them develop empathy. Teach them to donate to orphanage and charity. This will help them to understand how to cope up in this puzzling unequal world.Value of moneyThis is one of the real life values to be taught to kids…when a child sees under privileged child begging on the roads; he will feel disturbed and ask questions to you.Teach the child about how to be emphathetic and being generous to poor and needy. Your little act of kindness towards others will help your child learn from you. Let the child know the art of buying and need to buy by setting a good example to them. Don’t spend lavishly to keep the child happy or to stop the tears. Avoid extravagance and unnecessary luxuries.Encourage in sportsEncourage children to play outdoors instead of playing inside the house, Fresh air, swimming, running builds physical strength and libido. Sports help children get exercise, make friends,be keen ,play fair and improve self esteem. The lesson learned during children’s sports will shape value and behavior in the coming years.                 Moral values and good ethics are very important to be taught to children in young age itself. With the advent of internet and TV, teaching moral values and conveying moral stories have become deteriorating in this fast pacing life. It is impossible to shield our children from negative forces that can shape their minds but the main responsibility of parents and teachers is to mould the behavior of younger generations and to survive in this wicked world.