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Everyone knows what a mirror is. In mirrors, we see our reflections. However, what happens when you combine the idea of a mirror with technology? How smart could a mirror be? This inspired me to choose this project, this project aims developing a smart mirror with a small operating system to power it… The operating system would support running apps and would show weather, time, calendar, recent email, news and compliments depending on the time. This mirror is built with a cardboard frame, a flat screen monitor, a Raspberry Pi 3 and software running on a web browser and a tool called Electron. Smart Mirror as a personal assistant plays an important role for people with tight schedule providing quick updates.

Further, it can be extended with features controlling the electrical things of bathroom environment. There are many benefits of using a Smart Mirror. It makes life easier as the need to look at phones every time we need to check the date or weather can be reduced. We have all the information that we need right in front of us. The Smart Mirror can be upgraded to display browsers and social media websites. Adding a motion sensor to the mirror will further increase the speed, ease of use, and will provide another interface for interaction.

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Now we can get dressed and read the news or watch YouTube videos all at the same time and from a convenient place. The Smart Mirror can also help in developing smart houses with embedded artificial intelligence.