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Faculty of Business, Accountancy & Management (FOBAM)ASSIGNMENT COVER PAGECourse Details:Module Code and Title: BUS 2043 BUSINESS MANAGEMENT Programme of Study: ___BBM_________________________________Lecturer’s Name: Ms Salwa bt AhamadSemester : Feb – May 2018 Assignment Details:Title of Assignment : ______________ModernTechnicalAppliancesMTA______________________________ Submission Date : APRIL 4 Declaration by student(s):I/We, hereby declare that the attached assignment is my/our own work and understand that if I/we am/are suspected of plagiarism or another form of cheating, my/our work will be referred to the Programme Coordinator/Head of Faculty who may, as a result recommend to the Examinations Board on academic disciplinary action including expulsion for the SEGi University and Colleges.Student’s Details:Name : _M.UMER ASHFAQ_____________ Student ID: SUKD1703345_____________Signature: _____________Name : _ALI HASSAN___________________ Student ID: SUKD1702980_____________Signature: _____________Name:__BILAL_________________________ student ID SUKD1702782______________ Signature_______________________Name : MUHAMED_ALFATIH_________ Student ID: SUKD1701387______________Signature: _____________Name : _AWAIS HUSSAIN SYED___________ Student ID: SUKD1602502_____________Signature: _____________Name : _AKDANA SALAUATOVA_____ Student ID: SUKD1503471______________Signature: _____________4618990127635Overall Marks:(Written assignment & presentation) /3500Overall Marks:(Written assignment & presentation) /35-9525127635Submission Checklist:CoversheetCW Assessment SheetTurnitin Report CourseworkCD with coursework00Submission Checklist:CoversheetCW Assessment SheetTurnitin Report CourseworkCD with coursework1809750127635Reminder:Students are reminded to keep a copy of all the coursework submitted.All LATE SUBMISSION will be DEDUCTED 10% a day up to a maximum of FIVE (5) days, where subsequently, the coursework will be awarded ZERO (0).

00Reminder:Students are reminded to keep a copy of all the coursework submitted.All LATE SUBMISSION will be DEDUCTED 10% a day up to a maximum of FIVE (5) days, where subsequently, the coursework will be awarded ZERO (0).8636014668500 – PRESENTATIONBUSINESS MANAGEMENTGRADING SCHEME (REPORT)BUSINESS MANAGEMENTGRADING SCHEME (REPORT)Name: M.UMER ASHFAQ_ Student ID: SUKD1703345_____Name: ALI HASSAN___ Student ID: SUKD1702980_____Name: BILAL____________ Student ID: SUKD1702782_____Name: MUHAMED ALFATIH Student ID: SUKD1701387___ Name: AWAIS HUSSAIN SYED Student ID: SUKD1602502_____Name: AKDANA SALAUATOVA Student ID: SUKD1503471_____No.Assessment Criteria Weightings Marks Allotted by Lecturer 1. Introduction Background and type of business organizationVision and MissionPlan and Goals 5%5%5% 2.

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Part 1 – Management FunctionsPlanningOrganising – Organisational Structure and DesignLeading Controlling 10%10%10%10% 3. Part 2 – SWOT AnalysisStrengthsWeaknessesOpportunities Threats 5%5%5%5% 4. Part 3 – Recommendations5 ways to motivate employees to upgrade capabilities and core competencies 15% 5. Conclusion5% 6.

Report formatting:Appropriate citation and references.Style and readability including proper organization of answers.Involvement and critical discussion 5% /100/25Comments: _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ BUSINESS MANAGEMENTGRADING SCHEME (PRESENTATION) Evaluation Criteria Marks Power Point Slides / 20Creativity and attractiveness of slides.

/10Integration and synthesis of information. /5Information is presented orderly and clearly. /5 Content / 40Incorporated relevant concepts relating to business ethics.

/ 8Clear application of theories in analysis. / 8Credible sources of information. / 8Evidence of critical evaluation. / 8Recommendations are relevant. / 8Speech / 20Correct and consistent use of appropriate language. / 5Clear and confident voice. / 5Maintained eye contact throughout. / 5Appropriate body language.

/ 5Dressing / 10Smart and appropriate. /10Question and Answer / 10Handled questions with confidence and in a professional manner. / 5Answers are relevant. / 5TOTAL / 100/ 10Table of content Introduction Type of Business Organization Vision and Mission Goals and Objectives POLC SWOT Analysis Recommendation to Motivate the Employees Conclusion IntroductionBackground:-Modern technological appliances (MTA) established in 1998 originated from Karachi Pakistan as it was established to be a pure appliance company offering households. However it took of very quickly as the owners were amazed by the response from the public. Value increased so much that company had to expand their span of control. The company then moved up a step and started producing luxurious appliances which lead to more public response the company kept on booming.

After such a clear and a quick strike the owner took a big step a step that could have put down everything the company was. A risk that would have determined the fate of the company. In 2006 the company invested 89.7million dollars in an industry which had never been made before. Which was concerned with making appliances with the help of scientists to provide maximum satisfaction, relaxation, protection with their unbelievable economic prices. The industry started production in 2007 consumer’s response went off the charts and the owner of the company became one of the richest personal in his country but in few months it was handed over to the son of the owner.

He had a huge mindset to continue this business to an extended level. In 2009 the company shifted totally from chain of command to wide span of control. Board of directors were selected according to the quantity of shares invested in the company.

Then by the end of the same year CEO made a decision to take a step out. Then the company approved the decision and by the end of 2012 the company had established its franchises in some well-established countries of the world. With this step the company had a clear vision and strategy to lead and organize their brand. The company is currently also involved in extra curriculum activities and working for the welfare to provide education, food supply and other basic requirements.MODERN TECHNICAL APPLIANCE (MTA)VisionTo create a better a way towards a comfortable future.MissionMTA mission is to provide the very high quality, economical, comfortable and healthy products and services to consumers. To continually strive and innovate more products to offer a complete package to meet our customer’s needs. Goals and ObjectivesGOALS OBJECTIVESIncrease the profit margin to 15% Developing new innovated products to the marketMaintaining company brand name Customer Satisfaction Integrate customer feedback into your product or serviceMeet the needs of customersServe and satisfy our customers through the quality of our products and services.

Improve employee skills Facilitates seminars and training to Employees PlanningThe business plan is fundamentally based on how the organization seeks to survive and prosper within its long-term environment. Decisions and actions taken within their operations have a direct impact on the basis that an organization can do. The way in which the organization ensures, disseminates and uses its resources will determine how successful it is in achieving specific performance objectives.on at least a monthly basis. If one action seems to be doing particularly well, more resources may be devoted to it. Points Strategic Plan(Long term) Operational Plan(Short Term)Market Development Decide the geographic territory. Expansion to cater ASEAN Market within 3 years.Increase Market Share for 15% Make a market researchProduct Development Continue to innovate new product to introduce in the marketSupply PlanningAnd supplier transformation Product development workshop to understand client and customer needsProduct design and formulation Customer Service Create a Customer Service VisionSet Goals for Customer ServiceServe and satisfy our customers through the quality of the products and services.

Hire the right employee who are capable employees and ensuring that they have the talent and set to help support a strong customer friendly environment.MODERN TECHNICAL APPLIANCE (MTA)ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTUREEach work or organization is organized differently, depending on its needs and objectives. A variety of different structures are used today.

One of the oldest and most traditional structures is functional architecture. Under this system, individuals with similar functions and skills are grouped together in production units with a hierarchical reporting system. This provides a variety of benefits.

Benefits of Functional Structure to MODERN TECHNICAL APPLIANCE (MTA)Skill Development: functional structure groups people performing tasks alike each other that require specific skills, more experienced or talented colleagues members serve as examples mentors to individuals with less experience.Strong Chain of Command: A functional structure for organizations establishes a very strong chain of command. To control and lead with greatness.

Expedited Decision Making: Functional structures in organizations can speed up the decision-making process.Qualified Supervision: Functional structures offer a very opportunistic career ladder for the young talent. As such, individual’s having supervisory roles are more likely to have experience in this tasks they are judging their employees on.Specialized Results: Because everyone in a functional structure is operating in an specific area of professionalism with people of similar expertise, their contributions to the overall goals of a company will be more specialized and state mental.Organizational BehavourIn the above framework model, the major problems that affects Labour Productivity are Employee Turnover and Absenteeism. Our company focus to motivational level to reduce it to increase the productivity.

Controlling and leadingControl, or controlling, is one of the core functions like planning, organizing, compiling and directing. It is a basic function because it helps to identify errors and to take the right action so that deviation from standards are minimized and stated goals of the organization are achieved in a desired manner.According to latest concepts. Control in management means establishing standard, measuring actual performance and taking positive standouts.The word controlling has been known for the one of the managerial functions like organizing or planning and directing.

Controlling is going to helps Check the errors and to take the corrective action so that deviation from standards are minimized and stated goals of our organization are achieved in a preplanned manner.We Establish our Standards.Standards are the criteria with which actual performance will be judged. Standards are set in both quantitative and qualitative measures.We Measure our performancePerformance is measured in an objective and strategic manner. It must be checked in the same unit in which the standards are measured.

We compare our class with standards.Planning: our operating plan is a specific outline of how our business will conduct its operations. More specifically, the plan covers details such as inventory sourcing, manufacturing processes, distribution and anything else directly related to making, acquiring, storing and delivering goods (or providing services).

  to make sure customers are seen in an efficient manner. And to achieve this goal we follow five step: 1. Determine where we are. 2. Identify what’s important 3. Define what we must achieve 4.accountable. 5.

Review. Ourbackup Our data is protected, so we know? We also know what everyone in the company will do in emergencies, and how they will communicate with their suppliers and where they will find the information they need. Set “prepared and protected”. In my experience, start today with data backup. If the business develops to the maximum possible protection and reduce risk. There are different levels of service when online backups occur, starting with doing full service options. LeadingOver the past 30 years, successful organizations have focused on developing leaders based on executive, cognitive and emotive competencies. It’s beyond question that to be effective, leaders continually need to strive towards strengthening their competencies.

So in the MTA organization our plan for the leading is different and as our exception, for example our leading take actions in this.The ultimate goal is what’s best for the organization, not for an individual.Team spirit develops as relationships and trust grow.

sLeaders are attracted to their team. Leadership and development is a continuous habitation..

Leading in these company shows how the leader’s ability to choose , establish a road for the youth not only this also because leading is for the motivation of staff and build capability by developing staff and planting resources . 64770013335SWOT Analysis SWOT Analysis Strength :- Uniqueness:-The company is one of a kind and the type of products we deal in separates us from the vast market which deals in similar ones. With our unique goods we have an advantage over others.

Large Production:–1514475435610Our products are not limited only to appliances. We are producing sports, travel, outdoor products with the same comfort, technology and protection as we produce or basic appliances. Economic:-The unique Combination of our company is something new to the market and with our consumer friendly product pricing we have a technical and strategic advantage in the market.Weakness Less Recognition:-Our basic weakness is our less recognition around the world. As we have started our business with well-established countries and there are still a lot of underdeveloped countries we have not made contact with because of different matters. Unawareness:- On the other hand people are unaware of our products as they prefer their old brands .Our company still has a lot of customers that are unaware of our economical and health benefits. Weak Spread:-Our market spread is strong on one hand but on the other we have a lot to improve and establish franchise in major cities and work horse places of the world.

Opportunity One of a kind:-The main opportunity we have is that we are the first modern technological industry which brought appliances with a new swing.Public Investment:-We have also opened a public sector where a good amount of public can invest in form of shares and earn profit as no private industry has done before. Hygienic:-Our products are multifunctional with health they provide protection from modern bacteria and disease. As in this modern time people want protection from modern illness.Threat Competitors:-Our biggest threat are our competitors who are working on products alike us and are willing to take our market share away.

We should always be aware of more economic products alike us available or to come. Well Reputed Products:-Well reputed products are also a threat to our company as consumers are so deeply penetrated in them. That they don’t prefer any other product and are loyal to their brand. Developing Companies:-Other smart production companies are also a threat to ours as they also have what it takes to produce products like us. Its up to our company to penetrate as deeply as possible before their arrival. Motivating the Employees Let Them Know You Trust Them:- . The best way to win ones heart is to trust in him and admire his work. Our works on a policy alike this one.

. We motivate our employees to go with your guts you can bring the bright future to this industry. just work hard and try your best for this company and I will give you best as expected e.g. Health insurance, Promotion, Luxurious life etc.

. Tell them you trust them to do the more important and they won’t disappoint you.Giving Your Employees Purpose:- . Our company is ready to show our representatives a path by giving them a reason. When you achieve that, they understand the vision better and can execute more efficiently.

.Understanding their motivation and the reason for the job which they are doing, is better way to see how they fit into the big picture..

We ask our employees what they do and don’t care about then help them focus on the thing which matter to them and give them reason. eg :-vehicle, bonus, discounts. Believing in Transparency:-.

Our Company is extremely exposed with our workers about what’s going on at the current situation in our employees life. so there are no hidden faces and our employees feel comfortable. . We need workers to participate into our critical choices and focused on the steps our organization takes. This has sponsored inspiration and expanded organization loyalty and pride.

. During one-on-one counseling, our experts tune our employee’s thoughts, since they’re the best at what they do. Regard their own calendar and non-working hours we try to relax our employees mentally .

Motivating our employees individually:-. Motivation is our basic objective towards our employees as our organization builds up character and focuses our workers push them towards their goals in such a way the company achieve its own to.. Focusing the methodology in various ways guarantees every person has a reasonable comprehension of how cooperating benefits himself and the group. . This method enables the employees in group or individual to achieve stunning things.

An Open-Door Policy:-. It’s stunning how “please” and “thank you” can change so much. We address our staff the way we would need to be respected.

. We make our employees feel that their voice matters, make them feel sure about their situations in the organization we make sure they know about companies situation .. We also have an open-entryway for our employees with regards to proposals and thoughts.EXECUTIVE SUMMARY:-In this assignment we have made a company named Modern Technological Appliances and have explained its background That how the company into being and after that we have explained its goals and mission.The main reason for the company. What they want to achieve in the future.

We have also explained the Planning, organizing, leading and controlling of our company. Strength, weakness, opportunity and threat analysis have also been explained in details and we have also defined different strategic ways to motivate our employees. Furthermore we have also define our backup plan in case of any emergency. We have also plotted graphs to help our audience to understand better.