Fuel conservation is the direst need of

Fuel conservation is the direst need of the hour.

The rate at which we have been using the fossil fuels is not only consuming future resources for the coming generations, which itself is a gigantic problem, but also polluting our environment alarmingly. The aftermath and fallout of the excessive use of fossil fuels has adversely affected man. Our environment is like a gigantic balloon of transparent substance in which we have our being. When this balloon was created it was filled with pure wholesome gases which are necessary for our very existence but man, the foolish creature filled it with dark poisonous gases released with the depletion of fossil fuels, that’s two sins together. Man, also fails to see that he has damaged the ‘life’ balloon to such an extent that reclaiming to its pristine purity and beauty is next to impossible and all of this happens because of doing those 2 sins but if we stop doing one, the affect of other can be reduced. If we pay our attention towards conserving fuel, using it wisely then it would directly affect the way we pollute the balloon.

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But why to conserve fuel? Fossil fuels are formed over millions of years from the fossils, or remains, of dead animals and plants that were buried under dirt and rock. Heat from inside the earth and pressure from dirt and rock changes these fossils into oil, natural gas and coal and then, we shape these products into energy for our needs and now they have become an indispensable part of our life that we cant even imagine a life without them. From our home’s kitchen to a global industry everything runs on fossil fuels. Weather you are going to your office by your car or you are trying to boil water. EVERYTHING which needs energy targets fossil fuels as their primary source of energy. Not just for our daily purpose they are consumed every second for a much larger cause. Most of the power generation plants especially in india are ‘thermal power plants’