GUJARAT to extend my gratitude to head

GUJARAT TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY938070250407Chandkheda, Ahmedabad Affiliated Silver Oak College Of Engineering And TechnologyA Report On- Recognization Of Hand Movement Using Nueral NetworkUnder Subject Of DESIGN ENGINEERING B. E. II, Semester – III(Computer Engineering Branch)Sr.

Name of studentEnrolment No.1.Shabnam Sandhi1707701071992.Khushbu Patel1707701071403.Yesha Patel1707701071794.Titiksha Deviaya170770107038 Kyati Raval(Faculty Guide)Academic year (2018-2019)Candidate DeclarationWe have finished our project report entitled recognization of hand movement using nueral network and submitted to our respected guide. We are in 3rd semester and we have tried to give our best.

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We have done our work honestly and in a good way.First candidate name: Shabnam SandhiBranch: Computer engineering Enrolment number:170770107199Second candidate name: Khushbu PatelBranch: Computer engineering Enrolment number:170770107140Third candidate name: Yesha PatelBranch: Computer engineering Enrolment number:170770107179Fourth candidate name: Titiksha DeviayaBranch: Computer engineering Enrolment number:170770107038Submitted to silver oak college of engineering and technology, ahmedabad affiliated to: Gujarat technological university .AcknoweldgementWe would like to extend our heartly thanks with a deep sense of gratitude and respect to all those who has provide us the immense help and guideance during our project.We would like to express our sincere thanks to our internal guide Kyati Raval for providing the vision about the system and for giving us an opportunity to undertake such a great chanllenging and innovative work.

We are gratefull for guidance, encouragement, understanding and insightfull supportgiven in the development process.We would like to extend my gratitude to head of Computer Engineering Department, Silver Oak college of Engineering and Technology, Ahmedabad, for his continuous encouragement and motivation.Last but not the least we would like to mention here that we are greatly indebted to each and everybody who has been associated with our project at any stage but whose name does not find a place in this acknowledgement.Yours Sincerely ,Shabnam Sandhi(170770107199)Khushbu Patel(170770107140)Yesha Patel(170770107179)Titiksha Deviaya(170770107 038)Introduction:Hand gesture regonisation system is used for interfacing between computer and human using hand gesture. We wish to make a windows-based application for live motion gesture recognisation using webcam input in C++. This projecy is a combination of live motion detection and gesture identification. This application uses the webcam to detect gesture made by the user and perform basic operation accordingly. The user has to perform a particular gesture.

The webcam captures this and identifies the gesture, recognizes it and perform the action corresponding to it. This application can be made to run in the background while the user runs other programs and applications. This is very useful for a hands-free approach. While it may to be great use for browsing the webor writing a text document, it is useful in media player files. A simple gesture could pause or play the movie or increase the volume even while sitting afar from the computer screen.

One could easily scroll through an ebook or a presentation even while having lunch.Various features of the code of the projects are:Can detect any kind of gesture which is provided in the database. Eliminates the background so can be operated in a place where there is no much movement in the background. The movement of the haed while performing the gesture are eliminated.Empathy mapping:a)Observation through AEIOU methods and others 1. ActivitiesActivities are directly or indirectly related to stakeholders.Activities are work done by stakeholders by stakeholders on a particular workplace.

Example:-It is used to detect any kind of gesture and makes people’s life easy. Communication is done between patient-computer.2. Environment :- Environments include the entire arena where activities take place.What is the character and function of the space overall, of each individual’s spaces, and of shared spaces? It is the surrounding of particular workspace related to selected domain.30416530099000Example :- Hospitals, laboratories, houses.3. Interaction :- Interactions are between a person and someone or something else; they are the building blocks of activities.

What is the nature of routine and special interactions between people;between people and objects in their environment, and across distances?Example:- Patient,doctor.4. Objects :- Objects are building blocks of the environment, key elements sometimes put to complex or unintended uses (thus changing their function, meaning and context). What are the objects and devices people have in their environments and how do they relate to their activities? Example:- Hand gesture, virtual objects, recognization, tracking.5. Users :- Users are the people whose behaviors, preferences, and needs are being observed.

Who is there? What are their roles and relationships? What are their values and prejudices?Example:- Patient, paralytic person.b) Role playing:-c)interview techquie:-d)mind mapping:- “A mind map is ?a visual representation of ?hierarchical information that includes a central idea surrounded by?connected branches of associated topics”Benefits:- e) empathy mapping canvas:-1.USERS:- Users are the people whose behaviours, preferences, and needs are being observed.-Who is there? What are their roles and relationships? What are their values and prejudices?Content which is included in our project:-People who suffer from paralysis Even people who cant speak can use it to easily communicate.

Stroke patients.2?.STACK HOLDERS:-Which are not use the system directly..

that means indirect usersContents which is included our project:DoctorsHospitalsParalytic person 3.ACTIVITIES: -Someone (User) is involved… -How -What actually is going on? -Why it is going on? -How it is going on? -What is involved?Contents which is included in our project:1.can detect any kind of gesture which is provided in the database.2.eliminates the background so can be operated in a place where there is no much movement in the background.3.

the movements of the head while performing the gesture are eliminated.4. Story boarding :-Happy:-Simple,fast and easy to implementThere is no training required for this system.Makes life easy.Recognization is static and dynamic gestureAttaching sensor with gloves mechanismVision based analysis.Analysis of drawing gesture.

Sad:-irrelevent objects might overlapped with hand.Finger should in basic colour.Ambient light effects the colours detection threshold.Ideation canvas1.

People:-This includes people who are directly affected by the product, i.e. the real customer:-Paralytic persons:- as their body movements are restricted, they cant communicate very effectively so this project is for themStroke patients:-they are told not to mave much so mit usefull for themDumb:- as people cant spesk they can effectively communicate through this.2.Activities:-The activites areProcessing to focus on the gesture.A classification for the unknown gesture feature produce to the neural network.3.

Situation/Context/Location:-Information processing occurs at many neurons.Signals are passed between neurons over connection linkEach connection link has associated weight which is a typical nearl set is s typical neural set the single transmitted.4.Porps/Possible Solution:-The developer has to provide system that correctly recognises this gesture.The developers not onl;y has to ensure that gestures are quickly and correctly recognized but also has to provide a guiode that allows a rapid and easy learnings.Product Development Canvas1.PurosePurpose of this project is to make the life of paralytic people and people who needs help in speaking easy.2 .

PeopleParalytic patientsStroke patients3.Product experienceResults are quick and accurateComfortable for customers easy to maintain4.Product functionsThe target of this system is to accurate and good results and at the same time results take less time.5.Product featuresThis charecteristics is used to identify the object .It is used to recognized the hand movement.It makes communication easy.

6.ComponentsKeras TransflowTinterOpen c7.Customer revalidationBad UX designSoftware hangs8.Reject redesign and retainImprove UX designMore training data providedConclusionThe importance of gesture recognition lies in building efficient human–machine interaction. Its applications range from sign language recognition through medical rehabilitation to virtual reality.

Constructing an efficient hand gesture recognition system is an important aspect for easily interaction between human and machine. In this work we provided a comparative study on various gesture recognition systems with emphasis on detection, tracking and recognition phases which are essential for gesture detection and extraction. Over the last decade numerous methods for gesture taxonomies and representations have been evaluated for the core technologies proposed in the gesture recognition systems.

However the evaluations are not dependent on the standard methods in some organized format but have been done on the basis of more usage in the gesture recognition systems