Hacking breakthrough has ways and foundations through which the




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·     History of

·     What is hacking

·     Who is hacker ?

·     Famous hackers
in history

·     Types of hacking

·     Advantages of hacking

·     Disadvantages of

·     Conclusion

·     References






What is

In general, penetration is the ability to reach a target illegally through gaps in the protection system of the target and of course is a bad feature characterized by the hacker ability to enter the organs of others and without the will of them and without knowledge of them, regardless of the serious damage that may occur either Their personal devices or their souls when dragging files and pictures of their own. What is the difference here between the hacker and the personal devices and penetrated safe houses safe?And the penetration of devices is like any other breakthrough has ways and foundations through which the hacker intrusion on the devices of others through the gaps in that system … This means that you are vulnerable to penetrate at any time and in any way was targeted by one of hackers – hackers – for some reason or random as The best way is not to put your important and special data inside your device such as your bank card number or your secret numbers and passwords and to take the possible protection methods and take the precaution and caution on an ongoing basis. Causes and motives 1 – political and military motivation 2. Commercial motivation 3. Individual motivation (mental illness ‘competition among programmers’ desire to harm a particular person). 

History of hacking

•Hacking has been
a part of computing for 40 years

•The first
computer hacker emerged at MIT

•Hacking is
began in 1960s at MIT ,origin of the term 

•The truth
hacker amongst our societies have thirst for the knowledge

•Boredom is
never an object of challenge for the hacker

Big hackings in

1990: Operation
Sundevil starts: The Secret Service, in conjunction with Arizona’s sorted out
wrongdoing unit, discloses Operation Sundevil, an across the country venture
against 42 PCs and seizing 23,000 floppy circles. They in the long run seize PC
hardware in 14 urban communities, including Tucson, Miami and Los Angeles

1995: Kevin
Mitnick is captured. One of America’s most acclaimed programmers Kevin Mitnick
is at long last gotten and was condemned to five years in prison.

Catastrophic eBay hack: One of the biggest individual hacks ever, eBay had more
than 145,000,000 records stolen from their database.

2003: Anonymous
is framed. The hacktivist assemble is framedthrough a site.

Catastrophic eBay hack: One of the biggest individual hacks ever, eBay had more
than 145,000,000 records stolen from their database.

churches Houses of worship were not delivered from hacker attacks. In 2008, an
unknown group infiltrated the Churchology Corps and published classified videos
indicating its involvement in terrorist operations and attacks. They also
published videos relating to recruitment and recruitment.


2014: Sony
Pictures Breakthrough Sony Pictures North Korea’s sympathetic
“peacekeepers” were on a date in December 2014 with an incident that
rocked the world, breaking through the Sony Pictures Entertainment site because
of the film, The Interview, which tells the story of two American journalists
who wanted to meet the North Korean leader. After being recruited from the CIA
hackers managed to publish classified data about the company’s plans for the
films to be produced, and four films were leaked, causing the company losses in
billions, and leaked data and addresses of senior employees at the company.


Carbanak-cybergang is a process that took about two years and was worth a
billion dollars. Pirates have penetrated the financial systems of several banks
around the world, most of them in Russia, Japan, Switzerland and the United
States. Thirty countries and some 100 international banks were hit by the
attack, dubbed “Carbanak cybergang,” the name of the program used by
the group in February 2015, according to Kaspersky, a company specializing in
antivirus and computer security the hackers used malicious word files to
transplant them into data access and then the process lasted for two years
until hackers were able to reach their destination through e-mail fraud.



2014: The
biggest data theft of August 2014 Largest-operation-theft-data Russian hackers
known as Cyber Four have hacked over 500 million e-mail accounts, disclosed
their usernames and passwords the data has been stolen from 420,000 websites,
including major corporate websites. Thus, data can be used to communicate with
their owners and to send viruses through which their computers can be hacked.


At the
beginning of every April, since 2012, Israel is preparing to face the attacks
of the Anonymous group, which annually infiltrates Israeli and non-governmental
Israeli sites in response to settlement and occupation policy last April, the
hackers sent a message to Israelis warning them that their attacks would be an
electronic war against Israel. A young man from the group said in a video:
“We will not stand idly by, we will defend humanity against Zionist
crimes.”The Israeli public security apparatus decided to set up a private
electronic room to confront the group. In the latest infiltration of Israel by
Anonymus, hackers succeeded in penetrating the education site, disrupting
postal services in Israel and penetrating the prime minister’s office


Shadow Brokers
and $ 580 million

The latest
hacking occurred on August 17, after hackers calling themselves “Shadow
Borkers” hacked the US National Security Agency (NSA) and hacked hackers
and hackers created by the agency and its four allies, Britain, Canada,
Australia and New Zealand the hackers claimed to have acquired what they called
“cyber weapons” that included US-run programs to sabotage Iran’s
nuclear program. They offered what they had for sale for $ 580 million.








Who is hacker ?

Hacker is an English word for people who have supernatural intelligence in
the field of computer and information security, and hackers are a group of very
smart programmers who have the ability to challenge any system and penetrate it
without knowing themselves or mentioning their real names. Sometimes they do
not intend to commit a misdemeanor or a crime, but they test their skills and
abilities during the hacking operations, but the law considered them guilty because
they entered places they should not enter, and there are many people who
exploited these extraordinary abilities in operations Subversive and criminal
such as money theft, espionage.

Many people disagree about the definition of hackers. Many people link
Hackers to hackers because they are always influenced by the media as criminals
and saboteurs, some of whom are considered creative developers, because many of
the projects were the result of group work of hackers. These projects include
Linux, Wikipedia, and open source projects, and there is another term, the
cracker. This term has emerged to distinguish between good hacker and corrupt
hacker. The cracker is the one who always carries out subversive, criminal and
intrusive actions that occur to corporate systems. He deserves the title of
pirate computer, while the hacker is always trying to invent solutions and
always seeks to creativity what he is doing.

Types of hackers The types of hackers vary according to purpose and
purpose, and we can divide it into three types of:

good hacker: whose purpose is to repair something and not to hurt one.

Hacker spoiler: whose goal is to harm and harm. Hacker wavering between
spoiler and reformer.

hackers in history


·    Kevin
Mitnick    The U.S.
Department of Justice called him the “most wanted computer criminal in U.S.

·    Jonathan james

·    Albert Gonzalez

·    Kevin poulsen

·    Gary Mckinnon

·    Robert Tappan Morris

·    Loyd Blankenship

·    Julian Assange

·    Guccifer 2.0

·    Anonymous


Types of hacking

There are too many Hacking types, but we can limit them to several key


1 – Hacking sites and
servers and forums.

2 – Hacking the local
networks LAN.

3 – Hacking personal computers (PC).


First: hacking sites
and servers and forums: –

If we want to
expand in this concept of breakthroughs, we find that iis divided into three
types of penetration: hacking sites in general, hacking servers, hacking forums
of all kinds. But I will explain the mechanism and principle of penetrating
sites in general.

It is known
that all sites are based on the programming languages ??of the network and the
Internet and the Internet .Of these languages ??PHP, HTML, JAVA, PERL . Of
course there is nothing in this universe perfect for God, of course, and there
must be security holes or errors in this software Programs and systems prepared
and built on sites and servers.

And here comes
the role of hackers in the discovery of these “gaps” as they call and
translate them to serve them in access to the main files in the site, such as
the Config file, for example  This file
is one of the most important files forbidden to the public access to it ….
And read them, and these vulnerabilities are detected by special programs in
the search for loopholes


One of the
most important tools used in this type of penetration

• Perl loops,
a type of programming language used in websites.

• CGI gaps are
relatively weak gaps for other gaps.

• XSS loops
and relies on the withdrawal of passwords from the ADMIN website.

• SQL exploits
are low-use and depend on database errors in sites, servers and forums.

gaps are the most serious of all the gaps where it is possible to control
completely the sites penetrated.


One of the
most important tools used in this type of penetration .

Exploit search programs as mentioned above.

Perl gaps is specifically for this type of gaps.

3 – The most
important types are C99 **** l, Re57 **** l, My **** l.

4 – a special
site, whether free or paid to raise the ****.


This is only a
very short description of this broad subject …. And I want to add that there
are in this type of breakthroughs so-called random penetration and also there
is another term called mass attacks, which are useless only with the presence
of a very large number of attackers carry out the attack at one time, and these
attacks are indicated by one of the orders Dos called the PING.


Second: LAN
penetration: –

 In a very brief way, the penetration of local
networks depends on the volumes of sharing in the devices that are the network
whether the network is a network of devices in Internet cafes or home networks
or networks of university and school networks and networks …. The hackers
first identify the main device in the network and usually have a name and
number number 1 …. Such as … PC1, and after selecting the device they
attempt to break the PASSWORD of the main device through certain programs such
as the famous program giant . Remote Anything known for its effective control


Third: the
penetration of personal computers PC: –


There are several
methods hackers use to hack personal computers, all of which rely on sending a
patch file to the victim and the process of connecting between the computer and
the victim’s computer and control the device remotely through programs such as
the help of the program giant Turkish ProRat.

Passing passes
through several stages are: –

• Patch
formation phase.

• Patch
decompression phase.

• Patch
encoding phase.

• Patch
compression phase.

• Patch
integration phase.

• The stage of
sending the bat to the victim.

Thus the
penetration is very brief and we will expand with this type of penetration.

explanation of hardware penetration

As I mentioned
earlier that the hardware penetration depends on a file called Server or Patch
and that this file goes through several stages … server configuration, server
decompression, server encryption, server compression, server consolidation,
server sending to the victim.

There are also
several ways to configure the server and several methods used to receive
notification .. What I mean by the notification: It is a computer computer that
the victim reaches the hacker after sending the file server … The general
form of reporting contains the following information:


There are
several types of reporting, the most important of which are:


1 – Reporting
by e – mail: – This method of reporting is used by the start class of hackers,
the rate of success of access to reporting is only 50% because of the existence
of walls of protection in e – mail companies such as Yahoo, *******, The best
of these companies is Google’s mail because it is not free so you can not
activate the firewall.


2 – Reporting
through the CGI page: – a page page created by the hacker to be reported server
sent to the victim, and the features of this type of reporting .. Speed ??and
ensure the arrival of reporting by 70%, and users of this type of reporting
from the owners of advanced stages in this the field .


3 – Reporting
through the site of No-IP: – This type of reporting is the most dangerous and
strongest .. It ensures the arrival of the notification of 100% without any
problems and very high speed, and the difference between this reporting and
other types of reporting that this site after the work of the account It gives
you a fixed IP number without changing the number, especially for dial-up
users, and users of this type of communication are considered the most
dangerous and most experienced people.


What happens
when the victim receives the server from the hacker and open it ??!


After the
opening of the server in the victim’s device occurs the process of opening the
port PORT used by the program where each program has a special port in it and
take for example the famous ProRat program that uses port number 80, and after
opening the port, the server copies itself automatically in the area of
??startup “Start Up” It also makes a copy of itself in a sensitive
Windows folder, the System32 folder. The purpose of this process is to ensure
that the victim stays in contact with the hacker and to ensure that the so-called
Back Door or as some call it the reverse connection or the back line. In parts
of a second so that the victim does not feel that there is a defect or Chtrac
has happened to the computer.

After that,
there is the process of reporting to the intruder and the process of
communication penetrating the victim’s device or as a term of the process of
connecting with the victim … Thus became the victim’s device at the hacker’s
access and was left only to receive information and exploitation and to sabotage
the privacy.

Advantages of hacking

1.-One of the advantages of being a
hacker is that you can find and access hidden files that contain important
information, and you can use this knowledge to help others.


2.-This information can also be used to
anticipate different problems that may arise in the future such as changes in
the school or in the work of the people.


3.-: Get on computers with valuable
information and use it for your benefit


4.-See everything that people do on the
Internet to talk to their contacts or steal money from their bank accounts or
use the street lights etc … but that they do what they are lounging ….. and
the disadvantages that you can be imprisoned for doing this because it is a

 5 .- You can find and access files
or break protectors on Internet pages as well as being able to steal the
Internet, online movies, video games and various things like hacking computers
of your acquaintances eh even your school.







of hacking


Hacking is quite dangerous if it is done with harmful intent. It
can cause ?

§  Massive security breach.

§  Unauthorized system access on private information.

§  Hampering system operation.

§  Denial of service attacks.

§  Malicious attack on the system. 



conclusion, the FBI’s estimation that hackers pose a substantial threat to
businesses and individuals as well as an increasing threat to national security
should not and must not be taken lightly. To be sure, hacking has evolved from
playing simple pranks against the unsecure computers of a high school classmate
or a local telephone company to complex, sophisticated and persistent attacks
against the highly secured the computers that run the world and the networks
that form the backbone of how we work, study, and live. hacking can use for bad
and good things