hanks nutrition bites vs onsite live talk.

hanks once again for initiating this meet up .Shuane and I had a great time brain storming together . I have summarized the key points of our discussion based on the challenges that the retail store faces.I will link them all up into a program that can be delivered by you.The ideas listed below are not definitive so please feel free to weigh in your thoughts /suggestions ( if any ). 1) Create an environment for employees to make healthier choices.

Explore current vending machine choices available . Suggest healthier alternatives 2) Maximise nutrition education outreach . Due to tight working schedule most employees are unable to attend the daily downloads / attend a live session which largely caters to the 10am shift population.

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Consider Game based ( Kahoot) nutrition bites vs onsite live talk.Topics – Eating Well at retail Nutrition 101whole foods vs processed food label readingsupplements 3) Live Workshop -The Mason Jar projectBuild your own mason jar salad . Bring a salad to work today.Challenge >Teams can come up with their own creative dressings and salads .