Have you ever been discriminated or made fun for your race

Have you ever been discriminated or made fun for your race? I have seen many cases in the past and recent years of people from different ethnicities that have gone through depression due to racism and discrimination. Society plays a huge role in this issue because just like Eisenhower said, we can see the domino effect. One person discriminates and it automatically triggers another to do the same. In this essay I will briefly explain the most astonishing cases on people that have been mistreated and discriminated for being a certain race or ethnicity.
You are in the parking lot alone, walking towards your car and you see a black male walking in the opposite direction from you. What is your first reaction? Whatever you just thought, I can say my first reaction will be to get in my car as soon as I can. What I do not understand is why we react this way. We automatically become defensive and frightened towards their race. I believe that society has implemented these ideas about black people that are not true. Not everyone is the same. Police officers usually react more defensively towards black people because they have seen and, for some, experienced these cases in the past. They have also seen how black males and females react towards the other officers. For example, in the article “The Reason Why Cops Kill Black Men” by Laurie Vazquez, she starts by explaining how two innocent African Americans, Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, got shot to death by police officers. The police men were being completely stereotypical however, Vasquez stated that the two victims were shot due to the term “implicit biased.” Consequently she continues her argument by saying she believes that the decisions the officers made that day were simply triggered by their first instinct. She supports this by saying, “Implicit bias is kind of like your brain’s autopilot for decision making.” She claims that the police officers reacted rapidly and thought that the only solution was to shoot them. Even though these two individuals had no intention to harm the authorities she still believes that the officers had a good reason to have killed these two innocent people. According the article, “Why Aren’t Police Prosecuted?” by Joseph P. Williams a writer in US News, states “Under federal law, murder is an uncommon charge, but investigators can charge an officer with violating the victim’s civil rights, Benza says. But the charge, however, is amorphous by comparison, he says, and requires evidence the officer acted with intent, tough to prove in court.” William further explains this case, however what interested me the most was the fact that he said officers could be charged but it is very difficult to prove in court. This is shocking to me because there is people all over the world that are being discriminated. Officers automatically judge them by the color of their skin. There is nothing being done about this issue. You have to prove to a judge why you believe a police officer should not be afraid of you due to the color of your skin?
Furthermore, Mexicans also are affected by these stereotypes. I find it eye opening that we can see a pattern. Not only are blacks being discriminated and mistreated, Mexicans go through it too in its own way. I can speak for myself, I am Mexican American. My parents are born in Mexico but raised in California for the majority of their adulthood. There has been multiple times where we go out to a high end restaurant and the host assumes we can not afford their menu. I know for a fact if my family were white they would not question our visit. Again, It comes back to how society has implemented these ideas on a specific groups of people. It does not help our country to improve this issue when we have our own President supporting the racial comments. This issue goes further than just racial profiling, it has caused a debate whether or not Mexicans should even be allowed in the United States. A writer from The Guardian News, Adam Gabbatte, reported Donald Trump’s Speech by saying, “Mexico are sending people that have lots of problems, and they are bringing those problems to us. They are bringing drugs, and bringing crime, and their rapists…He aimed specific ire at Mexico, claiming he would build a “great, great wall” on the Mexican-American border, and accusing the country of sending “not the right people” to the US.” This speech had many all over the world startled. He claims that the primary reason he wants to ban Mexicans from entering the US was because we are “bringing crime, drugs, and rapists.” I can argue that everyone is different regardless of their ethnicity. He is targeting all Mexicans under one horrible category.
Much like Mexicans, Muslims are also a very discriminated race due to the fact that a lot of people judge them on being terrorist. On September eleven of two thousand and one, the United States was attacked by nineteen associated with the Islamic extremist, they crashed into both of the twin towers of The World Trade Center in the city of New York. The United States lost a total of two thousand nine hundred and ninety eight lives and more than six thousand people injured. There were a lot of people affected due to their lost of families and friends. The terrorist happen to be from an militant islamic group called al-Qaeda. A lot of people discriminate and harass the Muslim community mostly because of what happened on September eleventh two thousand one. Every time they try to harass them in any shape or form they always go back and use the tragedy that happened in New York City as an excuse to prove they are terrorist. Many people from our country often accuse them for being rapist, attacking our ships and citizens and also for threatening America several times. They always strike muslims with all these negative stereotypes that in my opinion disagree with. I believe that no matter how you are, if you are white, black, muslim, asian, hispanic, latino,etc, you should always be treated with respect and equity.
Consequently, this country has not improved as much as people want to believe when it comes to racism. Discrimination is seen on a regular day basis. Unfortunately many people try to justify this horrible behavior that we all to this day still accept and allow to continuously happen. I believe that racism should be stopped, it has been going around for a long time, but I believe that there is still a way to end it and accept one another.