Hazel her lungs, too. Hazel equates the

Hazel Grace starts her story by telling us that her mother thinks she’s depressed. Hazel doesn’t deny that she’s a little fixated on death.

She considers just about everything, including her cancer, a side effect of dying. Her mother and doctor agreed she should attend a weekly cancer support group. The leader of the support group is a cancer survivor named Patrick who constantly talks about the fact that they meet in the heart of Jesus since the group meets in the basement of a cross-shaped church, directly at the spot where Jesus’ heart would be. Despite his surviving cancer, Hazel views his life as dreary. In the meeting, Hazel introduces herself.

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She is sixteen and originally had thyroid cancer, though it’s spread to her lungs, too. Hazel equates the sharing part of group to a circle jerk of support where everyone talks about how they’re winning the fight. The only part of support group she likes is a guy named Isaac who lost an eye to cancer and may lose his remaining eye as well.

They both sigh derisively at people’s stories.