Healthcare your administrative claim is filed, the

Healthcare is a fundamental right.

The process of getting evaluated for medical services is a lengthy one. Under the current system once your administrative claim is filed, the VA has 6 months to review your case and investigate your claim. The VA may then accept the claim and pay it out in full, settle the claim for less, or reject the claim outright. If the VA rejects your claim, you may file a lawsuit in federal court to pursue the matter further. If the VA does nothing and 6 months goes by, this may mean a rejection of your claim. And when someone puts his life on the line to defend his country, it is shocking that he could even go one day without health insurance. The current V.

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A. health care system is a joke. Most of the veterans I know, including myself, have another insurance policy that they use along with their VA plan because the VA plan wants to charge them for everything. The location of V.A. hospitals and the strict rules in place because of the budget deficit, make the few veterans that do have full benefits think twice about using them since the V.A.

only allows rated military patients to attend their hospitals. Hospitals can be located as far as 2-3 hours away. The federal government does not provide comprehensive health insurance to thousands of veterans who have served their country.

Every veteran should have access to affordable, quality health insurance, and that’s why Veterans Care, was created. This program offers access to affordable, comprehensive healthcare to veterans across Illinois. Under this program, veterans pay an affordable monthly premium of $40 or $70 depending on their income, and receive medical and limited dental and vision coverage. Illinois is the first state in the nation to create a program like this. Help is on the way and progress albeit slow is coming. Any injured veteran should be covered 100% by the government that sent them off to fight. This program is a great example that a solution to this problem is possible.

The sheer amount of veterans would make it difficult to implement this program immediately but some states, such as Illinois, are making a difference by adding programs which will take care of the veterans which were ironically trained in that state. Naval boot camp and center for training for the United States Navy is located in Great Lakes, Illinois. The American Veterans are putting their lives on the line fighting for a country that is not taking care of them. Healthcare is one of the most serious problems facing our veterans today. The budget deficits paired with inefficient government programs are combining to become a nightmare for all service members.

Veterans are given second rate medical service yet we expect them to feel like heroes when they return home. The veterans need to be taken care of because they once were taking care of Americans and the freedoms they enjoy today. Enlisting in the military was once seen as a worthwhile sacrifice, but if the veterans are not given more benefits, this can have a negative effect on future recruiting efforts. The war does not end when a service member comes home wounded; it’s only the beginning of a more important battle, the one for the veteran’s life. The government needs to allocate more money into the V.A.

to ensure all veterans are covered once they get discharged from the military, since many injuries surface years later or go undetected. Can you imagine a future where a mandatory draft will be needed because young men and women will not join the military? The fight for veteran healthcare is a battle that veterans can’t afford to lose.