Hedy are used by us every day. Hedy Lamarr

Hedy Lamarr was a strong female
role and broke many social norms for her time. She showed that women can be a
figure of beauty, but also strong and intelligent. She made advancements that
were used by the government and that are used by us every day. Hedy Lamarr
showed the world how powerful women can be.

During Hedy Lamarr’s
time in the spotlight was during World War 2. She was living in Vienna Austria
and then came to America. With the war going on and the women were starting to
show up more in the workplace, but were still seen at home taking care of the
house and the kids. Hedy would show the world that it didn’t have to be like

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Eva Maria was born on November 9th, 1914 in Vienna, Austria. Her
first rise to fame was in the movie Algiers.
This was her first breakout film. As her career progressed she changed her name
to Hedy Lamarr. She stared in many money movies during World War 2 and was once
considered the be the most beautiful women in the world.  Hedy would soon show that she was not just
beauty, but that she had an idea that changed our world to this day.

Lamarr is also known for her incredible invention that we still use today. This
invention started with her ideas on frequency hopping. Hedy Lamarr worked with
composer George Antheil to understand frequency hopping. By breaking it down they
realized that radio transmission could be broken by butting the frequency waves.
Hedy used her grasp on this idea to come up with the theory that this concept
of intersecting the waves multiple times could block enemy signals. She believed
this would work because the multiple frequencys coming in and jamming the
transmitter and receiver could stop the messages coming in.

                When Hedy and George were working on there concept,
with George’s back ground in music they compared their theory to a self-playing
piano. Their understanding of how frequency hopping works and how the self-playing
piano changes frequencies they developed a way for a torpedo to never be intercepted
again. The new device had 2 motor driven rolls that could be synchronized to 88
frequencies. This would be then played in the transmitter of the torpedo. This
made it un-jammable.   

got the paten for it on August 11, 1942. She willing donated and presented it
to the Navy, but they turned her down. The Navy believed that frequency hopping
wasn’t a serious concept and took Hedy and her idea as a joke. Hedy’s advanced
tactic wasn’t looked at again until the 1950’s. Engineers at ”Sylvania
Electronics Systems Division” turned it electronical rather than mechanical.
The new and improved concept was launched during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Hedy
Lamarr’s technology is still used today in the basic structure of wireless
communication that we all use today.

is still remembered today for her remarkable advances to technology, but also
to her contributions to acting. Bring in the time of World War 2 she broke social
norm’s that women could be either beauty or brains. Hedy is the perfect example
of both and she still is. Lamarr will continue to inspire us by her extremely
advanced concept. She is a leader and will continue to inspire everyone.

Hedy Lamarr’s
invention is one of the many reasons she should be remembered by our time. She proved
that women could do anything from her works on screen and off.  If wireless communication keeps growing, Hedy
Lamarr will always be relevant. She is a powerful woman who changed history.