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HUMSS 11-2M (HEN112) M 6Performance Task #1: Draft August 2, 2018Lack of Education, Cause of PovertyIn the present time, those who don’t much have knowledge or education will suffer from applying jobs that are difficult for them, especially if they have disables which would make it even more harder for them to work through employment. Applying jobs in the present time is even more challenging even to an individual who finished school or has graduated. To those people who lacks education, they will find it hard to apply to good job opportunities.

Instead, they will find jobs that are low paying even though it will risk their safety and health standards. In the Philippines, as surveyed by the National Statistics Office (NSO), most children aged 5-17 years old are already working so that they would survive poverty. These children are suffering to poverty because at a young age of 5-17 years old, about 5.59 million of them they are already working.

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Normally at that age, children are being taught at school, having lessons, and etc.People who lacks education, especially if they are already adult, will be harder to give lesson on how to overcome it. That is why children at a young age is needed to have education for them to be successful and to help the government take down this social issue.

As Rep. Niel Tupas Jr. said that lowering the age of criminal responsibility was necessary to prevent gangs from using children in their bad habits. He also said that children at the age of 13 years old are different compared to the 13 years old at the past generation. Lack of education can make children be violent, this is the reason why the criminal age is lowered to 13 years old.

If there is poverty, there is also malnutrition. Child health is the one thing that is very important, this is because it will affect what development will happen to them when they become an adult in the future. Children who are malnourish suffer from illness that would cause them to die at an early age. Most of this children who are malnourish can be affected on what place they are located to. Some of which are low-income communities such as: Squatter, Shantytowns, Tenements, and Slums. This communities have common characteristics such as: rise of population, poverty, lack of service, etc.

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