I goals, their fulfillment, and the feedback

I am doing this HR course to further my career at work.

About HRPM we can say that it is a developmental path through which the types of activities, orientations and behaviors are established to become a successful HR professional. The vast majority of companies need a HR team to be able to develop successfully. Having a team of professionals in the field of human resources in the company, according to the fields established through the map of the professions, can make the organization a successful and long-lasting one.

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1. PERFORMANCE AND REWARDHelp create and maintain a high-achieving organisation culture by delivering programmes that reward and recognise key employee capabilities, skills, behaviours, experience and performance, and ensure that reward systems are market-relevant, fair and cost-effective.1.1 Appraisal What is a Performance appraisal?Performance appraisal can be done when employees have set goals, their fulfillment, and the feedback they receive makes them aim to achieve them. Feedback can be given as work is being done to meet the target directly to the employee, but some companies have an official communication style called performance evaluation. This performance appraisal is a process between an assessor and an employee.

The employee is assessed against the success of the objectives in the previous period and new targets can be set for the next performance evaluation period.1.2 RewardThe reward system includes financial rewards consisting of wage increases, benefits, bonuses that to some extent bring employee satisfaction, but for some employees, direct recognition is required to keep them motivated.

Baron (1983) argued that when we recognize and acknowledge the employees in terms of their identification, their working capacity and performance is very high. This recognition is, according to many experts, the most necessary and satisfying, while the reward incorporating the material benefits can not be the only motivator. It is clear that rewards play a vital role in achieving performance at work and are on the positive side of the employee motivation process.

1.3 Promotion The promotion is perceived in the sense as ‘A move to a position in which responsibilities and presumably, prestige are increased’ (Yoder, D. et al.,).

Promotions have a positive impact on employees. These promotions often bundle with wage growth and a superior hierarchical position.2. GIVE THREE EXAMPLES OF KNOWLEDGE THAT THE PRACTITIONER WILL BE EXPECTED TO SHOW AT EITHER BAND 1 OR 2 In order to be a good and successful HR practitioner, it is necessary to have the skills and knowledge specific tothe field. For the professional area Performance and reward, you need to know the elements of reward package and how they combine to attract, engage and retain. This is particularly important with regard to defined critical positions, strategically critical skills and ensuring adequate succession.A. Elements of reward package and how they combine to attract, engage and retain.

ATTRACTING EMPLOYEESBase Pay , Benefits Package , Organisation’s excellent reputation RETENTION OF EMPLOYEESKey employee retention depends on the organisation’s Total Compensation and Benefits package. There are several ways on how to retain employees and these are as follows: Effective rewards and recognition, Career development and opportunities, Employee needs , Flexible but strict requirements, Relationship with Managers/Supervisors B. Methods for evaluating pay and reward practice Looking at any industry/sector, competitive pay is one of the main reasons why most employees work for a certain organisation, the higher the pay is, the more likely employees are willing to devote their time and energy to help the organisation succeed.C.

Organisational reward procedures, policies and systems. Communication needs and approaches at individual and group level.Managers need to introduce procedures for rewarding employees more explicitly based on effort or performance. Show appreciation by recognising employees’ performance. Be honest and constructive in providing performance feedback.3. EXPLAIN, BY GIVING EXAMPLES, THREE KEY BEHAVIOURSAT EITHER BAND 1 OR 2 , YOU WOULD EXPECT A PRACTITIONER WORKING IN YOUR IDENTIFIED PROFESSIONAL AREA TO BE ABLE TO SHOW.

We must not forget that HR is a strategic partner within an organization. The most important thingfor them is to understand and know the business to attract and keep talents at the lowest cost. For this, it must be native curiosity, ask questions, read, seek, check, validate, not give up, compromise, communicate effectively, be organized, know how to sell, but know -and sell the candidates.

A. CuriosityAs a practitioner, for performance and reward, you need to be future-oriented, curious and open, to look for innovative ways to add value to your organization, you need to know and observe the methods of identifying and recognizing employees performing and coming up with innovations to them.B .

Skilled influencerTo demonstrate that you have the ability to influence employees to get the commitment and support they need, which will add value to the organization, but also to recognize employees’ contribution to that value. C . Personally credible You need to ask feedback from colleagues and HR managers and change your own practices according to it so you can build the professionalism to be shown to those you advise, review and evaluate, so you can be credible when you offer them an appreciation, promotion, in that it is done by a good professional.4.

EXPLAIN WHY THE STRATEGIES INSIGHTS AND SOLUTIONS & LEADING HR SIT AT THE HEART OF THE HR & L&D PROFFESION.The two hearts of the map, Strategies Insights and solutions & Leading HR, are the basis for a successful HR career, these must be considered regardless of career status and place in the organization.In the two cores the strategies are together to have lasting organizational performance and also inspire leadership in HR pre-requisites (CIPD 2012).

An important professional area is learning and developing the talent that takes place on Band 1, thus ensuring that employees have the skills they need to effectively contribute to the long-term goals of the organization. He needs to know the methods of training and development, he must evaluate the responsibilities and performance of the employees, and where there is a need for improvement to apply a good method to increase performance.Band 2 shows whether and how I can demonstrate my knowledge and understand this core area, personal knowledge and skills related to the leadership of personal development of human resources.

I’m looking for feedback and I’m coaching myself to learn and continually develop as a professional. Using the human resources process as required for my own CPD as an HR worker but wanting to develop and specialize in this area to be able to pursue a career in this profession, I attended human resources courses in 2008 and now I’m looking for a CIPD Foundation certificate level.5. EXPLAIN THE CONCEPT OF CPD – CONTINUOUS PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT.It refers to the process of tracking and developing the skills, knowledge and experience gained both in practice and theoretically as you work after the initial training. This is the term used professionally to describe the complex of activities that includes learning activities that are necessary for those involved in the development and improvement of their professional abilities.

It helps conscious and proactive learning instead of passive and reactive.6. EXPLAIN THE IMPORTANCE OF CPD FOR A HR OR L;D PRACTITIONER.This plan will help me in my future career that I want to follow in my company where I work in that there is an opportunity to progress in my career taking a position in the HR department of the firm. For this I decided to enroll in this HR course to gain the knowledge needed to make the first and the next step in this career. I want to build a portfolio that will prove my career progression as a professional. This CPD process will help me manage my progress and development needs on a permanent basis.This CPD process will help me manage my progress and development needs permanently to help me see, improve and improve my plan and career needs, and this plan actually covers my entire career.

This plan will help me have clear documentation, is my development plan and does not involve the employer in any way. It is necessary that my first step is to build on learning from my experience to always review my plan according to my needs and to set development goals. Training as a good practitioner must be both formal and informal. The CPD plan also helps me to have a vision of professional development so far and shows my achievements and how far I have progressed, the career direction, shows the shortcomings and how to remedy them. This plan includes, as I said, the CIPD membership obtained through this HR course 3 in HR because I have the opportunity to find useful tips, documents that will help me develop my plan and update my professional abilities.

It also presents examples and scenarios for CVs or interviews to help me demonstrate career progression and help me to change my job exactly as planned.