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I believe my current work, choice of major, and the families I talk to has shaped my thoughts to lean towards making vaccinations mandatory.

As much as I promote natural healing process through the immune system, I feel the level of disease has risen, to a point, where the immune system may not be able to handle certain diseases. I cannot imagine the world, as it is now, not being vaccinated. It is important that vaccinations are mandatory because children will become our future and protecting the future of the population should be major concern for the people currently. Vaccinations should be mandatory for children to attend public schools, day cares, or any sort of program or school setting that has children attend daily. Some parents believe that vaccinations should not be mandatory for their child to be enrolled in school because of religious beliefs, belief it causes autism, or not educated on the proper protection.

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Although there are strong opinions and documentary footage shining the light on vaccinations, the realistic point of view is that children should be required to be vaccinated. Being vaccinated not only maintains a healthy environment, the overall benefits and advantages outweighs the negative outcomes. Getting a vaccination could not only save children’s lives, but could also save the families a large amount of money from medical bills (Teen Ink, 2014). Teen Ink (2014) stated, “For every $1 spent on vaccination related procedures, the public saves $6.30 worth of medical fees that would be saved from treating those who got infected from not getting a vaccine.

” The website provided insight on arguing towards having to be vaccinated before attending school. Diseases like the whooping cough, in 2010 and 2014, is highly contagious and one of the commonly occurring disease in the United States (Health Line, n.d). This puts the life of others, especially those who are young to receive vaccines or those whose religious beliefs does not allow the use of vaccines, in danger. The disease that puts children in danger are what causes many to be killed. Parents who refuse to give their children vaccines should be charged with negligence but not required to be jailed.

A form of consequence will be to pay for the damages caused to the family or hospitalization fees. With that, it will show that, as parents, vaccination is form of safety, as is it would be expected in all others areas of the school. The disease that caused harm to the child could have been prevented with vaccinations. This issue could have been resolved if the parents knew that pose as risk if their child is not vaccinated.