I find Charles Manson the most fascinating serial killer of all time, although some people don’t think of him as a serial killer I think what he did with his followers identifies him as one.

Charles Manson recently passed away in prison not too long ago. Charles Manson grew up having mother issues which caused him to go to multiple different schools for troubled boys, at the age of nine he set his school on fire. Manson expressed himself as being a ‘runaway’ child. Manson’s crimes started small like shop lifting, robbery, and stealing cars. Charles was basically raised in prison and that’s what he called home, after being released he asked to stay in the prison, which wasn’t an option. 32 year-old Manson made his way to Berkeley, California, by way of San Francisco in 1967.

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He established himself as a guru in the summer of love, and soon shared a home with 18 women. Starting a new life and find the meaning of it. Manson was known as a pimp, he had women following him around often known as “front street girls”. The women looked up to Manson as a leader, even a few men joined the group. Soon known as the Manson children.

It was like he was running a summer camp, but was often