I after 6 years of its first publication

I TOO HAD A LOVE STORY -Ravinder singh I too had a love story is an english autobiographical novel written by Ravinder Singh, this was the debut novel of the author and was first published in 2008 by Srishti Publishers , in 2012 it was republished by Penguin India . The book remained in the best-seller’s list in India even after 6 years of its first publication . Here Ravin and Khushi are the male and female protagonists of the novel . the novel starts with a reunion of Ravin and his friends Manpreet ,Amardeep,Happy, who used to study in the same engineering college , at their reunion they discuss their future plans of getting married and all of them accept that they did not think about it . Happy suggests ravin to visit and sign up at Shaadi.com, an online matrimonial website.

After the reunion ,Ravin comes back to Bhubaneshwar , where he works as an engineer for Infosys, and registers at Shaadi.com After a few days of registering on the site , Ravin finds a girl named Khushi ,a resident of Delhi and an employee of CSC , Noida . Ravin and Khushi start talking to each other over phone and soon become good friends . They become curious about each other’s interest and finds there are many similarities between them . After a few months of conversation over phone , they realize that they have started falling in love with each other , although they never met face to face .Very soon, Ravin is asked to travel to the united states for an office assignment. He is required to go to Delhi , where Khushi lives , to board the international flight . Ravin decides to go to Delhi one day earlier to meet Khushi for the first time ,and spent time with her .

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In Delhi , Ravin meets Khushi and her family including her mother and sisters and then starts his journey to the US even during his stay in the US , Ravin is constantly in touch with her , after his return to India , Ravin meets Khushi . After sometime, Khushi’s engagement . Both the families start preparing for the event . Just before the engagement , Khushi meets with a road accident and is hospitalized in a critical condition.despite all medical attempts and prayers of Ravn, Khushi’s narration of his current mental condition . to Ravin ,his life has lost interest in almost everything . He feels “she died .

I survived , i die everyday. . The novel received positive reviews from critics . The Hindu in their review called the Novel a “Tear-jerker”.Meri News appreciated the writings styles and innate beauty and wrote . along with their innate beauty of their love story , the expression of the subtle emotion in the most simple way makes it special . the writer has summed up the essence of his story in the most appealing terms.

The genre of this story seems very interesting and appealing