I Un. Living in a dictatorship country means very

I am a 30-year-old woman who lives near
the Chinese border with my husband and a new born child. The conditions in
North Korea are very harsh due to chronic food shortages caused by famine, no
freedom of speech, or religion. Throughout my life, I realized North Korea is
not a place to raise a family. North Korea is ruled by a dictatorship, Kim Jong
Un. Living in a dictatorship country means very little freedom. This results in
a lack of isolation and communication from the internet and social media. My
family and I feel that we are isolated from the world around us because of the
absence of the internet. I believe that the citizens of North Korea are limited
to the internet, due to the government holding secrets. There are many other
things that happens in North Korea, where majority of the world does not know
about. One of the major things are the prison camps, also known as the
Heoeryong camp. It is said that the prison camps in North Korea is worst than
the concentration camps held by the Nazis during WWII. The conditions are very harsh during the times
of the prison camps. For example, the temperatures can drop to – 40 degrees
Celsius. Due to not having any blankets, people would die from hyperthermia.
The rumors I have heard were inhumane and no one should ever live through that
for a lifetime. Each building can hold at least 200 people, there are a lack of
doctors, nurses, and medical equipment including medicine in the camps. There
are two types of camps, the Total Control Zone and Revolutionary Zone. The
Total Control Zone is where people are sent to because of their committed
serious crimes. No one is ever allowed to be released from the Total Control
Zone. The Revolutionary Zone is where people are sent to because of their
committed less serious crimes. They can be sentence from a few months to ten
years in the Revolutionary Zone. In these camps, they do hardcore labor, are
being tortured, and executed for little things for the rest of their life. The
camps in North Korea are ruthless and I believe that it is unacceptable and inappropriate
to treat any human being this way. Not only am I the only one who believes in
this, but many people in my neighborhood also believe that we should make a
change. We believe that we should speak up and have an end to this. My
neighbors and my family have decided to create a resistance group called the
Freedom Fighters and declare independence from the ruler of North Korea, Kim
Jong Un.

only that we believe the prison camps should have an end, we also believe that
we should have the freedom of speech and practice any religion. My neighbors and
I have lived like this throughout our whole life. We do not want to raise a
family in this type of condition. Nikolai Berdyaev once said, “Freedom is my
independence and the defining of my self from the inside and freedom is my
creative force…” 1This
quote states that freedom is our main goal for our resistance group because it
enhances our quality of life. It also pursues happiness for the future of our

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North Korea, people need a change and by doing so, we need to declare
independence from the government. There are many things we should declare. The
first thing is to have more freedom from the government. We should be able to
practice any religion, trade with other countries, and have an independent
media. We should not be isolated from other countries. Instead, citizens of
North Korea should be able to communicate and travel the world without tight
borders. We want to have more freedom to pursue our dreams. This could result
in what we want to be in our life and for the sake of our children’s future. We
do not want to be discriminated on political grounds based on the employment we
are in. We, as a society, should have equal opportunities for each individual. We
should be treated equally no matter what the circumstances are. For example,
how wealthy we are or where our social status stands. We declare that prison
camps, any kind of inhumane activity such as forced labor or torture should be

            We as the communities that make up
North Korea should be treated equally and should be granted more freedom. We
should be able to practice any kind of religion and should be able to speak
freely. We as human beings are curious about the world and would like to travel
outside the country freely as we desire without any restrictions. We also
should be able to communicate with the outside world and to be able to enjoy
the internet and other social medias.  We
believe that as a country you should eliminate all inhumane activities that
occurs in prison camps or other unknown places. We should not be forced to do
hard labor and that we should be able to have a good education to pursue our
dream not only for the sake of our future but the sake of the country’s future.
make the future of the country. Many things depend on us, citizens.”2

Without the communities who makes up your country, you would be leading
nothing. We are human beings and we believe that we should not be treated this


As our resistance group stand up for
what we believe in, I advise you to accept this declaration because not only does
our group believe in this but we have no doubt the rest of your country
believes in this also. Kim Jong Un, we believe that you have the power to make
a change in North Korea and to make it a better country. This declaration
speaks the love we have of our country and that we think it deserves a better
chance for the future. Our aim is to have full respect for you and the rest of
the government system but in order to accept that we would need something in
return. This declaration would prove that you would want our respect and that
you see the both of us as a country but not as slaves. We wrote to you today,
not as a stranger but certainly not as a traitor, but as a group who cares for
human rights and for the sake of our country.

With the ideas we declared in the
declaration, we have no doubt that it will make a more perfect union. We need a
strong, energetic government that will protect our liberty and property. There
should be laws that would protect our freedom and to protect our human rights.
Our beautiful lands should advise that we remain a united people because the
navigable rivers and streams encourages the transportation and trade. “Liberty is to faction what air is to fire, an
aliment without which it instantly expires. But it could not be less folly to
abolish liberty, which is essential to political life, because it nourishes
faction, than it would be to wish the annihilation of air, which is essential
to animal life, because it imparts to fire its destructive agency” (10.4). 3Freedom
can be a good thing or a bad thing for the government but it also enables the
government to make good or poor decisions. Overall, we as the people who
defines this country should deserve the freedom that we demand, to freely
travel all around the world without strict borders, and to end all inhumane
activity to see this country as one.

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