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If a person enters the forests in the Amazon, he can experience great joy several times – when he enters this huge green paradise and when he can get out of this green forest hell. The forests of the Amazon are the lungs of the whole planet, their death will be a real catastrophe on a worldwide scale.Amazonian forestsEternal forests The largest and most attractive tropical forest stretches near the Amazon. It spread to the territories of nine states, the largest part of which fell on Brazil.Here, for a whole year, hot and humid air masses control the weather. Even a moderate heat is heavily carried by a person in these places.

Night coolness is not there, but humidity is always higher. Feeling as if it came in the summer in a hotbed and can not get out of it.Indigenous people do not need forecasts of weather forecasters.

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There can only happen one unique phenomenon – a day without rain. Every day, from the very morning, you can see the same picture – the cloudless sky and the absence of precipitation. By the middle of the day, the wind begins to rise, which catches up clouds, and under the impressive roll of thunder, whole streams of water suddenly fall. A few hours later the strongest rain stops, a quite quiet and clear night is coming. Forests of Amazonia – the area is unpredictable, from that and attracting to itself.Tropical RainfallA huge variety of plants is a real find for those who love exotic nature. To enjoy it, you have to spend far more than one day on exciting trips to the forests of the Amazon. You can meet here a variety of amazing plants that are fragrant in the terrain with an ideal climate for them.

In the power of stormy rivers The rain forests of the Amazon “Igapo” are not rich in vegetation. Here you can meet rare representatives of tropical flora with respiratory roots, not covered with soil. Many epiphytes and long lianas grow. On the territory of this forest, a tourist can meet a “royal Victoria” plant, whose leaves are several meters in diameter.The vegetation of the “Varzey” forest is also not distinguished by a rich variety of species. The main advantage of this area is palm trees. You can meet attractive and diverse orchids, the present abundance of ferns, hevea. Also at every step grows liana or epiphyte, they are distinguished by bright green color and interesting arrangement of leaves.

The Amazonian rainforest “eete” is characterized by a special pomp and variety of flora. You can safely say that this is the place that is the richest for vegetation on the whole planet. There are no huge trees that dominate the rest of the tropics. Attention of tourists will be presented plants of the family of laurel, mimosa, myrtle and legumes. Also here there are creeping plants, which in their strength are not inferior to real ropes.The Amazonian rainforest can not but please, but one must be prepared for a particular climate that does not suit everyone.

When a traveler is set up to find amazing plants, one must go here.The tragedy of Amazonia Deforestation in the Amazon is a problem that has existed for a very long time. For the export of timber, bans were introduced, but this did not stop cutting. Almost always they destroy trees with poaching methods, secretly forwarding them for sale. The main harm to forests is caused by partial cutting, because in this case the forest is deprived of certain vegetation, which is very important for the surrounding ecosystem. This is how the perennial giant trees disappear. Deforestation has a negative impact on each tier of the Amazon forest.

The Amazon deforestation mapSome areas of the rainforest are slowly restored, but everything is very slow. Artificial plantations can not replace the real tropics, which were created by nature itself.In some places the tropics turned into a real sad desert. It is quite difficult to imagine the vegetation, which is green and actively grew in this area. From the wind, dust rises from the cracked earth, and before that there was a huge forest strewn with vegetation and bright colors.Cuttings in the AmazonIf the forest is finally destroyed, the territory of the Amazon can be turned into another Sahara.