In addition

In addition, Miriam the Jewish women goes back in time by recalling her memories of the destruction, in particular when she together with her husband Iphrat saw the body of a Palestinian child being thrown away like a rubbish without any feeling. Miriam says “Didn’t you see how they threw it onto the truck, like a piece of wood? If it had been a Jewish child they would never have done that” (Kanafani 169). This illustrates the fact that her memories are haunting her musing and an absolute nonchalance for the life of a human is being shown to us. Miriam, deep down in herself believes that Palestinians are being killed in the same way the Jewish people were throughout Holocaust, thus, we see that she is trying to handle her memories and deal with the past by trying to repeat the history of the conflict. On the other hand, Said illustrates, “I’m looking for the true Palestine, the Palestine that’s more than memories, more peacock feathers, more than a son, more than scars written by bullets on the stairs. I was just saying to myself: What’s Palestine with respect to Khalid?” (Kanafani 186). Here we see that Said looks for the memories of the past, what they mean for Safiyya and him by also taking the viewpoint of Khalid, his son. Their memories transform from the events in the past towards the future for their child, Khalid.

In addition

In addition, there are two types of income taxes, federal and state. Federal income tax is a tax that is required by the IRS on the yearly earnings of an individual and of a business. Federal income taxes are applied on all of the forms of earnings of a taxpayer’s taxable income. A tax is collected from individuals and corporations by the city, state, or country where the person lives. When the tax collected is credited to the government of the country’s account, it is referred to as federal tax. Federal tax is the money that is being used by the government of a country to pay for the growth and maintenance of the country. The greatest source of revenue for the federal government comes from the earnings of the citizens of the country.


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