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In the recent years, with the rapid development of information technology, advertisements have become a norm all over the world. While some think that it is advantageous to advertise products, others are of the opinion that advertising causes harm to customers. This essay will discuss the positive and negative effects of advertising.

 On one hand, it is argued that advertisements would be beneficial for several reasons. Firstly, for individuals, ads would make shopping more convenient since advertising provides consumers with a variety of choices to make. Additionally, it may present supplemental information, which helps the clients to decide which product is the most suitable. Secondly, advertising is an essential part in the growth of the economy. Advertising is believed to boost the companies’ sales and profits, increase job opportunities and motivate companies to improve the quality of the products, therefore resulted in an enhancement of the economy.

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 On the other hand, advertisements also have adverse impacts on the buyers. To begin with, ads influence the way people shop. This means that advertisements mislead people to think that new products are better than the items consumers are having at home.

As a result, customers may waste a large amount of money on undesired items and might eventually become bankrupt. On top of that, to attract more clients, companies are willing to initiate harmful schemes, including magnifying and overstating their products through visually stunning ads. Ultimately, purchasers will find that the items do not meet their expectations. All things considered, advertising has both pros and cons. Advertisements give shoppers various choices and improve the economy, whereas advertising a product might lead to overspending and disappointment in several items. I am convinced that whether advertising is disadvantageous or not depends on the consumers’ behavior and responsibility for their money.