In “Operation Gomorrah” Marione Ingram recalled her childhood memories were happened in Hamburg in the Second World War

In “Operation Gomorrah” Marione Ingram recalled her childhood memories were happened in Hamburg in the Second World War.At that time, the British air force almost destroyed the entire city, most innocent residents lived a fleeing life, especially the jews.Many people’s attitudes to the girl as well as her family were revealed that the Nazi wanted to spare none Jewish at that time.After explosion, the girl’s mother thought they could die out at any time, so she found her neighbor in order to seek a shelter.However ,their neighbor and other people’s voices as well as their movements with abomination were depicted the plight of the family.The techniques in the expression of this story include description to the girl’s character’ s speech, actions and emotion.With these techniques Marione Ingram established a eight year old girl with independent ,strong as well as brave to take responsibility personalities.What is more, this story shows the situation of the Jews as well as their identity at that time through the Jewish family.

The story mentioned emotion and ideas of the little girl many times is illustrated that she is an independent and sensitive girl because as a eight year old girl should have a carefree childhood and naughty, however , she was considering like an adult , take care too much for others.At the beginning of this story ,Ingram’s mother command her to take her baby sister to her cousin’s apartment ,’cooling salt breeze’ ‘gray wicker carriage’ the descriptions of the surrounding environment shows she disliked to send her baby sister to another place.’something wasn’t right with my mother’ another description of her thought indicates she had the ability to distinguish right from wrong but she loved her mother so she did not want her mother to disappoint in her.So ,although she did not want to go outside ,she still chose to obey her mother’s orders ,to be an obedient girl.The little girl’s independent also evident in her emotion.For example,Ingram described a plot of looking after of her mother.Mostly, it is difficult for a eight year old girl to take responsibility to take care of her family members.Not only care for her mother and baby sister ‘s feeling ,but she also think about what should she do the next for them.This is, when she found some vegetables ,she tried many times to ignite the stove in order to cook food for her family member, even though she was very afraid of the fire.The girl’s emotion and ideas showed that she loved her family so she did a lot for them.As a result, she became a person who was more mature than her children of her age.

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