In skills and the motivation to complete the

In order to achieve objectives in an effective and efficient manner it is important to be organised, Plan for situations and have a good knowledge and understanding of your team’s strengths and weaknesses. Choosing the wrong person for a job could have a negative impact on the Wallwork Office, reaching their objectives and targets. To organise I need to ensure that the people I manage/supervise are making the best use of their skills and the motivation to complete the task in hand. At Wallwork Heat Treatment Admin and Finance office I have to plan for each month end.

From the last day of one month to around the 12th of the next month the office is at its peak work load. An Example of a task that is needed for a certain deadline is the closing off of Purchase ledger. I have worked at Wallwork for 10 years, i have a knowledge and understanding of the office skills. There is only one person that i would ask to do the job of closing off purchase ledger that would be Sam she knows the job inside and out and i know by giving it to Sam it would be completed to a high satisfactory standard. I wouldn’t give the Job to Linda for example, as she has never done the job and it would make her very uncomfortable and stressed to do a job she has never done or had any training on.

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If i had given the job to the wrong person then the completed job wouldn’t be at the standard required to be able to produce accurate accounts. This would have a huge impact on the profit for that month and the ability to compare year on year profit and loss accounts to produce the correct objectives/forecasts going forward. By selecting the incorrect person for this Job could have major complications for the company.This would not produce the level of accuracy that we strive to achieve each month. It would lead to members of the board questioning the ability of the staff.

Which reflects badly on the group office which we do not want. I am fully trained in the role of Purchase ledger as i am with all the roles in the admin and finance Office. If any member of my team are busy and are struggling to keep on top of their work load or are on Holiday i can step in or i can direct other members of my team who are training and are comfortable with the job role to help out. The team work together to achieve our objectives.

whether that be month, quarterly or annual objectives.