In to save the lives. Safety officer

Inconstruction projects which in controlled by construction project managementsystem, health and safety is the most important factor.

Project manager shouldbuild the systematic safety team which includes safety engineer and officers.Safety officer must obey the rules and responsibilities to prevent theinjuries, accident and to save the lives. Safety officer always checks theunsafe conditions, unsafe action, near miss and accidents.

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Another duty of safetyofficer is to link between manager and labour about health and safety. Rolesand Responsibilities of Project Manager in Health and Safety·        Manager must supply the PPE equipments ·        Machine tools and heavy duty machineusing in projects must be checked ·        Manager also plans the health and safetytrainings for engineers and labours and creates the escape plan for anyaccidents problems. Laboursalso obey the safety rules which are noticed by safety officer and take care inwork place because the construction work is dynamic, diverse, and constantly changingin nature. In this assignment, if I am a safety officer,I control my project to success by following things. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)Safety HelmetAllpeople including managers, engineers and labour who take part in constructionprojects must use the safety helmet.

·        Safety helmet must be used to preventthe falling objects, flying objects, electric shocks and any other dangerousconditions in construction sites.·        Chinstrap also must be clicked·        Don’t hole the helmet·        Should be classed by colour ·        Include nameplate and logo of relatedcompanySafety shoes·        Safety shoes is the special shoes whichinclude the sole puncture resistance system and to prevent the unsafeconditions and slipped.·        Jungle boots and other shoes not allowin construction sitesEye protection            Incase of crushing concrete, welding, sawing woods and grinding the metal, eyeprotection equipment in necessary.