In the text it states that ” it

In the text it states that ” they don’t know how to get their way of how to “customize” (Dorsey 3)”. The quote is saying that they don’t know how to take no for an answer because they way their parents raise them, they parents baby them.Also in the text it states that ” it was common practice among middles-class children shift interactions to suit their preferences” (Dorsey 8).the quote is basically saying children don’t know the rules they appear to be acting on their own behalf and that can affect their surroundings like when they at school and places.

in the book it states that “you’re part of the problem,Amir if idiots like you and your father didn’t take these people in”(Hassan 4). in other words this quote is saying that he don’t like how he’s living he feel as though it’s Hassan and his father’s fault. in the article it states that “while appearing to transcend class differences however this gesture reaffirms the middle-class ideal”(Dickens 4). this statement is saying that it’s mostly the parents fault because they still treat them like they are still babies and if they act like that it’s going to hurt them in the future because they will still think that their parents are going to be here for them

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