In larger than gravity so the plane could

In this assignment, Aviation History is a history that tells the presence of planes on the planet that began on 17 December 1903.

Orville and Wilbur Wright Brothers, unveiling the first aircraft in the history of humanitarian aircraft. Orville Wright flies 30 meters for 12 seconds. Wilbur flew the fourth and final effort, reaching a distance of 260 meters, and kept flying for 59 seconds. They flew and changed the world. So it can be, not just for good.

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Orville, who lived up to 1948, and Wilbur died in 1912, tragically said in World War II: “We hope the plane will be a means of peace”.The airplane will fly when air movements along the air wing of the airplane fly generate lifting on the wing of the airplane then at the same time due to the airplane’s body shape, the lift is also produced throughout the airplane. This lift was larger than gravity so the plane could fly in the air. In conclusion, airplanes that are not within the jet fighter and helicopter can not float, so how can the plane fly is when the engine’s thrust makes the plane accelerate on the runway and when surface-to-air controls like wings and flap used, the aircraft can fly into the air forward.