Insurance Companies Specializing in Antique Cars Vintage

Insurance Companies Specializing in Antique CarsVintage car insurance is not very common and many drivers don’t even know that it exists. However, those of us that are interested in acquiring such a vehicle or currently own one, know all too well the problems associated with insuring our baby. Thankfully, there are reputable organizations that offer protection and appreciate the cultural value such cars provide. Here is our list of great companies to work with while covering your assets.

SpecialistsThese are firms that specialize only in heirloom cars. They are knowledgeable and will know that specifications of your vehicle. There are a few large and trustworthy companies for your vintage car insurance. Those companies know without saying that old cars cannot be insured based on their actual value, but rather on their negotiated worth. Let’s discuss 3 such companies:• Grundy WorldwideGrundy Worldwide has been insuring classic and extraordinary vehicles since 1940. The company is currently based in Philadelphia. James Grudy Jr. has founded this company and now it states to be the first company to ever create a heirloom car financial protection policy and create the “agreed value” term.

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The Classic Car Club of America endorses this insurance agency for its needs.• Hagerty Insurance Hagerty Insurance Company started as a general insurer 40 years ago in Traverse City, Michigan. In 1983 the company pioneered custom agreed value policies on classic wooden boats and implemented classic car insurance in 1991.Today Hagerty Company is one of the old car insurance principals. In addition to insurance services, the company offers membership in Hagerty Collector Network. Currently about 225,000 members enjoy the membership benefits.

• Heacock Classic Car Collector InsuranceThis company was established in 1922 in Sebring, Florida. They offer full service insurance for your vehicle. The firm has been actively involved in Sebring’s racing community for years and has created Sportscar Vintage racing Association and Vintage Motosport magazine. These dealings prove that the Heacock is very competent is antique dealings and thus is known nationally.

The MajorsBesides mentioned and not mentioned specialists in antique insurance, some mainstream companies provide tailored vintage insurance. Such insurance leaders as Hartford, Geico, Allstate, and Farmers don’t want to miss on the opportunity to insure heirloom cars and offer specialized policies. If you are a current policy holder with any of those companies, check if they can offer you a good deal on your antique vehicle. Some of those companies will offer significant saving if you will insure multiple cars under one umbrella. Be vigilant, however, and make sure your agent understand your custom needs.At the end of the day, your car protection plan has to work for you.

You have the last say and you will be the one spending money, so understand your own needs before reaching out to insurance businesses. Some plans might be cheap, but you might not feel comfortable. Sometimes the best practice is to belong to a local antique car lovers club as and get advice from people who already have the experience.

Listen to their advice and experience. Always do your homework and invest some time in research.