Internship report covers all the aspects of

Internship ReportPakistan Telecommunication Company LimitedSubmitted by: Khaizar Hayat01341411002BBS-3rd2017-2019Supervised by:Sir Noman ShafiQuaid-i-Azam School of Management Sciences,Quaid-i-Azam University,IslamabadACKNOWLEDGEMENT “In the Name of Allah most Merciful and most Beneficent” I am very thankful to Almighty Allah who gave me the opportunity, courage and insight to work in a prestigious organization and for His blessings that have brightened in all parts of my lives and my parents whose prayers always supported me in every task.

A whole heartedly Thank you to Mam Shahida who helped me in every way to secure my internship spot at PTCL. I am grateful to my exceptional and devoted supervisor Mr. NOMAN SHAFI for providing me with the best of his supervision and guiding me through thick and thin.

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I am also thankful to all staff at PTCL, for their valuable guidance and support throughout the internship period. They collectively helped me understand the office environment and how to adhere to the challenges faced in our daily life. Furthermore, I would like to thank Mr. Aamir Siddiqui (Manager Budget Control) for helping us from the very start and rotating our departments at regular intervals. He especially deserves my thankfulness for his cooperation and guidance during the course of my internship.EXECUTIVE SUMMARYInternship is the essential element of BBS degree Program and has two credit hours allocated. I have done my internship in the Finance department of Pakistan telecommunication company limited zonal office in Islamabad. This internship report comprises of all the information about my work experience with the PTCL.

I was first sent to the PTCL Head Quarters located in G-8/4 for the interview and then reallocated to the North Zonal Office in Sector F-5. I was sent under direct supervision of General Manager Finance (North Zone). The report covers all the aspects of PTCL’s structure and design. In 1947 the Department of Posts and Telegraph was established and in 1962 the Department of Telephone and Telegraph came into being. In December 1990 Pakistan Telecommunication Corporation (PTC) took over operations and functions from Pakistan Telephone and Telegraph Department. In 1996 PTCL was formed after privatization and issued 600 million shares and got listed on all stock exchanges of Pakistan. From establishments it has contributed a lot to the development of telecommunication in the country. Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited not only provides conventional telephone facilities, it also offers optical fiber services to the private sector.

They provide services for home and for business use. The CEO and President of PTCL is Dr-Daniel Ritz. PTCL is providing number of services and products to its customers such as the facility of landline, EVO wireless broadband, Broadband Pakistan, IPTV service (Smart TV), V-fone, Satellite communication and International. In April 2006, Etisalat international Pakistan, has assumed management control of Pakistan Telecommunication Company Ltd (PTCL) – part of the $2.6bn deal to buy a 26% stake in PTCL. The organization structure followed by PTCL includes the decisions made by the top-level management, stroked rules and regulations, mixture of both narrow and wide span of control, much of the authority is in the hands of top-level managers, and the jobs are performed according to the functions performed. The purpose of this report is to explain my tenure of six weeks as an intern at PTCL, highlight all the work that I did.

To assess the strengths, weaknesses opportunities and threat which I may find during my internship and to adhere to the working environment which is more or less same in any other organization. LIST OF ABBREVIATIONSPTCLPakistan Telecommunication Company LimitedADPAnnual development programCDMA Code Division Multiple AccessCAPEXCapital Expenditure.ERP Enterprise Resource Planning.EVPs Executive Vice PresidentsGSM Global system for MobileIPTV Internet Protocol TelevisionIRR Internal Rate of returnI.G.

E International Gateway ExchangeOPEX Operational ExpenditurePR Press ReleasesP ; T Pakistan post and telegraph departmentPT;T Pakistan post and telephone department ; Pakistan telegraph department.PSTN Public Switched Telephone NetworkS.D.R Special Drawing rights SEVPs Senior Executive vice PresidentsSOEs State-owned corporationsTSTV Time Shifted TVSANSales Acceptance NoteCRMCustomer Relationship ManagementPATProvisionally Associated Team FY06Fiscal Year 2006SM Senior ManagerTable of Contents TOC o “1-3” h z u ACKNOWLEDGEMENT PAGEREF _Toc524673141 h 2EXECUTIVE SUMMARY PAGEREF _Toc524673142 h 3LIST OF ABBREVIATIONS PAGEREF _Toc524673143 h 5CHAPTER 1 PAGEREF _Toc524673144 h 8INTRODUCTION TO THE ORGANIZATION: PAGEREF _Toc524673145 h 8COMPANY PROFILE PAGEREF _Toc524673146 h 10VISION PAGEREF _Toc524673147 h 11MISSION PAGEREF _Toc524673148 h 11CORE VALUES PAGEREF _Toc524673149 h 12OBJECTIVES: PAGEREF _Toc524673150 h 12FINANCIAL POSITION OF PTCL. PAGEREF _Toc524673151 h 13HEIRARCHY PAGEREF _Toc524673152 h 16DEPARTMENTAL STRUCTURE PAGEREF _Toc524673153 h 18FINANCE DEPARTMENT PAGEREF _Toc524673154 h 19CHAPTER 2 PAGEREF _Toc524673155 h 20PERSONAL WORKING PAGEREF _Toc524673156 h 20CAPEX Department PAGEREF _Toc524673157 h 20Revenue Department PAGEREF _Toc524673158 h 25Budgeting Department PAGEREF _Toc524673159 h 27CHAPTER 3 PAGEREF _Toc524673160 h 28SWOT ANALYSIS PAGEREF _Toc524673161 h 28STRENGTHS PAGEREF _Toc524673162 h 28WEAKNESSES PAGEREF _Toc524673163 h 29OPPORTUNITIES PAGEREF _Toc524673164 h 31THREATS PAGEREF _Toc524673165 h 32CHAPTER 4 PAGEREF _Toc524673166 h 34CONCLUSION PAGEREF _Toc524673167 h 34RECOMMENDATION AND SUGGESTIONS PAGEREF _Toc524673168 h 35REFERENCES PAGEREF _Toc524673169 h 36CHAPTER 1INTRODUCTION TO THE ORGANIZATION:In Pakistan at the time of independence, telecommunication services were provided by a single department known as Pakistan post and telegraph (P;T).

With only 12346 telephone lines and seven telegraph offices all over Pakistan this department started its services. In 1962 Ayub khan government decided to divide this department into two separate departments, Pakistan telephone ; telegraph (PT;T) and Pakistan post. PT;T department was altered into Pakistan Telecommunication Corporation with a legal identity separate from the government on 5th December 1990. Pakistan telecommunication corporation spread the network of its services all over the Pakistan in its five years’ time and the total number of telephone lines expanded TP 2127344 in addition to telegraph the telex services. At the end of 1995 the total number of employees was 53705. PTCL also improved the international communication. On January 1st 1996, Pakistan telecommunication corporation (PTCL) was transformed into Pakistan telecommunication company limited (PTCL) under Pakistan telecommunication reorganization act 1996 according to which Pakistan telecommunication company limited (PTCL) took over all the assets, rights, properties and obligations of Pakistan telecommunication corporation.

The telecommunication sectors were split up into four bodies under the PTCL reorganization act, 1996. Pakistan Telecommunication Company limited (PTCL)Frequency allocation board (FAB)Pakistan telecommunication authority (PTA)National Telecommunication Corporation (NTC)Pakistan Telecommunication Company limited (PTCL) is the leading Information and Communication Technology Service Provider in the area; they are the connection that permits global communication. They are determined towards mobilizing the world for the future. Since its conversion from a public sector corporation into a publicly listed corporate entity in 1996, PTCL has executed an aggressive restructuring plan, the major aim of which is to improve profitability through increased efficiency and customer focus and to train the company for the highly competitive surroundings.In April 2006, Etisalat International Pakistan, which is commonly known as Etisalat, has assumed management control of Pakistan Telecommunication Company Ltd (PTCL) – part of the $2.6bn deal to buy a 26% stake in PTCL.

Ufone (Pakistan Telecom Mobile Ltd) a wholly-owned subsidiary of PTCL started its operations on January 29th 2001 as a GSM 900 service provider. Since its beginning, it has stretched its customer base and coverage at a quick pace and established itself as one of the top cellular service providers in the country. Ufone is now measured to be one of the most aggressive, innovative and active players in the mobile industry of Pakistan.

COMPANY PROFILEWith employee strength of 18,000 and 5.7 million customers, PTCL is the largest telecommunications provider in Pakistan. PTCL also continues to be the largest CDMA operator in the country with 0.8 million V-fone customers.

The company maintains a leading position in Pakistan as an infrastructure provider to other telecom operators and corporate customers of the country. It has the potential to be an instrumental agent in Pakistan’s economic growth. PTCL has laid an Optical Fiber Access Network in the major metropolitan centers of Pakistan and local loop services have started to be modernized and upgraded from copper to an optical network.On the Long Distance and International infrastructure side, the capacity of two SEA-ME-WE submarine cable is being expanded to meet the increasing demand of International traffic.VISIONTo be the leading Information and Communication Technology Service Provider in the region by achieving customer satisfaction and maximizing shareholders’ value’.The future is unfolding around us.

In times to come, we will be the link that allows global communication. We are striving towards mobilizing the world for the future. By becoming partners in innovation, we are ready to shape a future that offers telecom services that bring us closerMISSION To achieve our vision by having:An organizational environment that fosters professionalism, motivation and quality An environment that is cost effective and quality conscious Services that are based on the most optimum technology  “Quality” and “Time” conscious customer service Sustained growth in earnings and profitabilityCORE VALUESProfessional IntegrityCustomer satisfactionTeam WorkLoyalty to companySatisfaction OBJECTIVES:The following objectives are as follow:The primary objective of Pakistan Telecommunication Company limited is to satisfy the telecommunication needs of its customers. Such as Public data network, integrated services, and internet services.To improve and expand the services up to the rural areas, and to minimize the expenses to earn more profit.To introduce the computerized directory Telecom services all over the country.Plain, establish and maintain telecommunication.

To enhance efficiency, improved quality and expand the system to meet customer satisfaction and improved services on demand.To introduce new services of audio tax and video conferencing for the business community.HIERERCHY :An Organizational Structure clarify the roles of personnel of an organization and to determine right person for the right job, which is responsible for what, objectives to be achieved, who is to report to whom and to remove the obstacles for performance caused by confusion and uncertainty of job assignment as well as to make easy decision- making and communication networks reflecting and supporting organization objectives. The head of Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited is “President”. Then there are the SEVPs (Senior Executive Vice Presidents) i.

e. SEVP (Finance), SEVP (Operations), SEVP (Technical), SEVP (Human Resource Management), SEVP (Marketing ; Business Development) and SEVP (Legal affairs). Then there is a chain of Executive Vice Presidents (EVPs) like EVP (Finance Central), EVP (Marketing), EVP (HR Central), EVP Hailey College of Commerce, University of the Punjab, Lahore (Accounts), EVP (Operation), EVP (Information Technology, Training ; Research), and EVP (Revenue). All these are appointed at Pakistan Telecommunication Company, Headquarters at G-8/4, Islamabad. Apart from these EVPs, there are also EVP (Operation), EVP (HR) etc. who are heading the other regions of PTCL in major cities country wide. Then there are Chief Engineers and General Managers at H/Qs who report to their relevant EVP. Then there are Senior Managers, Deputy Directors, Assistant Directors, Account Officers, Assistant Account Officers, Financial Analysts, Marketing Managers, Computer Programmers, and IT Specialists etc.

There are also Regional Heads (General Managers) to head PTCL Regions then comes the Senior Managers Operations), Senior Engineers (Operations), Engineers to look after the telecom system of Regions. In non-gazette staff there are Engineering Supervisors Operations /Switching /Power plant /Optical Fiber system/M. W Media, Non-ManagementCIOCTOPresident/CEOSEVPHRSEVP FinanceSEVPCorporate DevelopmentSEVPCommercialSEVPPro ; AdminSEVPSpecial projectsSEVPBZ NorthSEVPBZ SouthEVPLegal EVPGMSr. ManagerManagerSpecialist/AMMTNon-TechnicalTechnicalEVPPMO Company Secretary EVPInternal Audit Non-ManagementCIOCTOPresident/CEOSEVPHRSEVP FinanceSEVPCorporate DevelopmentSEVPCommercialSEVPPro ; AdminSEVPSpecial projectsSEVPBZ NorthSEVPBZ SouthEVPLegal EVPGMSr. ManagerManagerSpecialist/AMMTNon-TechnicalTechnicalEVPPMO Company Secretary EVPInternal Audit DEPARTMENTAL STRUCTURE Every organization is divided into definite departments.

Each department performs different kind of jobs and requires staff with specialized skills to handle particular job. This increases the efficiency of workers.The PTCL Head Office is comprised of several departments. The division is made on the basis of function they perform. Hence it can be concluded that PTCL has adopted the policy of functional departmentalization. The main departments of PTCL are mentioned below.

1. Human Resource Management Department 2. Finance Department 3. Commercial Department 4. Operational Department 5.

Technical Department 6. I.T Department 7. Corporate Affairs Department 8. Special Projects Dept9.

Sales DepartmentFINANCE DEPARTMENTThis department is divided into following three sub-sections:FinanceAccounts and BudgetingRevenueThe Finance Wing deals with the revenue matters of the company ; the Accounts Wing is responsible for proper book–keeping of the financial transactions, commercial audit ; preparation of periodic accounts of the company. Finance is the backbone of every organization because without finance any organization can’t run its business. It plays an important role in determining the long-term objectives and evaluating the feasibility of the business.

The financial activities of PTCL have been split up into three major branches:Finance, Accounts & Revenue. The details regarding this section will be covered in finance section with reference to my internship report.CHAPTER 2PERSONAL WORKINGINTERNSHIP PERIOD:The total internship period was about 6 weeks, from 3-August-2018 to 14-September 20181ST AND 2ND WEEK The first department where is worked is revenue department.

There is no paperwork, all the job is done through emails and digitallyOn the first day we met G.M Finance North. He reassigned us to sub-departments.I wassent to Revenue and Collection department. The first department where is worked is revenue department.Our manager gave us basic orientation on first day . On The second day we were told about all the terms that were used in PTCL monthly bills. After that we learnt about PTCL portals which included E-Reports, Customer Relationship management (CRM) and Business Intelligence (BI)There is no paperwork, all the job is done through emails and digitallyThere are four portals used in Revenue.

These are: Billing section RMS (Receivable Management System)Recovery console CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) Billing section In which they have different traffic provided to the customer and accordingly provided to the traffic the bills have generate. They have different traffics provided to the customer as following: Local calls, broadband, international calls.RMS (Receivable Management System)Receivables Management System deals complete with the issuance of the numbers and it’s customers. It’s uses are: Manual Block Restores A defaulter’s number can be blocked due to nonpayment for a period of three months. The number is actually blocked by two waysIn which the user can only listen to incoming calls and cannot make out going calls. The user cannot receive of dial any kind of call. Recovery console In which three aspects are included: Bill payment Installment applies System batch print CRM (Customer Relationship Management) It is a report in which all the solved and unsolved numbers are recorded. Once a problem is rectified, it is also written back in CRM from where it came from in the first place to record who was on the job and from where did the problem came from.

The task which assigned to us on daily basis was to match consumer revenue withservices provided to them and to check whether were they either beingovercharged/undercharged or not.USE OF MS EXCEL I learnt about the formulae and methods that were used in M.S Excel related to that particular department ASSIST WITH MONTH-END FINANCIAL REPORTSThey then engaged me with the month end financial reports and showed me the copies of their financial statements TEAM WORKI was working with 3 other internees and 2 permanent employees so I learnt working in a team and how it increases efficiency of work and work done in the easiest and quick wayPreparing report I prepard the billing report of customers for TCS Courier (Tranzum Courier Services)3RD AND 4TH WEEKOPEX(OPERATIONAL EXPENDITURE) DEPARTMENTThe payment section consisted of two branches.

The OPEX and the CAPEX. I was stationed in the OPEX for a time period of 2 weeks where I learned the whole procedure of how the PTCL’s OPEX. The very first thing that I learned was that everything originated right back from the headquarters where they review and assess all the proposals from the zones all around Pakistan. On my first day in OPEX, I learnt about the process of OPEX and how it workedSAP (SYSTEM, APPLICATION, PRODUCT) SOFTWAREI learnt about the basics of SAP and all the commands and methods of SAP related to that department I myself Parked and Posted the bills in SAP5TH AND 6TH WEEKBUDGETING DEPARTMENTIn budgeting department I learnt about the budget and how the budget of PTCL was made.There wasn’t much work here mainly because the Senior Manager and the Manager both were given the task of allocating the budget. They simply have to supervise and maintain a complete check in balance of to whom they have to forward the budget, how much is left and where should it be utilized.

It is very important for the Manager and Senior Manager that the budget must be used in the project for which it is allotted. CHAPTER 3SWOT ANALYSIS STRENGTHSMonopoly PTCL has no competitor in the market and other companies are legally not allowed enter in competition with PTCL before 2003. So PTCL is performing its activities freely without any pressure.Leadership in The MarketPTCL is leading Company to provide telecom facilities in the Pakistan.

PTCL aims at using the latest technology in the field of engineering and IT for its services. It is also getting constancy from international Companies in order to remain leader in telecom sector.Financial Resources PTC earns billion of rupees as profit per year and has enough money in its general reserve. It also has debit as a major source of capital. These adequate financial resources not only enable the Company to cope with any unexpected event but no deploy its resources to increase its product line.Modern TechnologyPTCL is running modern technology to develop its products and services and improve the quality of services. In this connection it has replaced the old exchanges with new digital exchanges. It has computerized billing system.

Due to this technology thousands of complaints have been reduced. PTCL has also entered in the business of Mobile phone and Internet services.Optional Polices and Compensation Best and optional policies and attractive compensation packages for employees, which has really improved their commitment, dedication and hard work towards the achievement of organization goals.Human Resource DevelopmentHuman resource development and employment of technology towards modern development.

Wide Distribution ChannelsEasy access to the customers at their residential localities through wide distribution channel.WEAKNESSESPublic imageMany people bad mouth PTCL just because it’s a government firm. Even though there are some faults on their side but a lot of bed reputation comes along just for being a government institution.

Ambiguity in Strategic Direction PTCL is doing business very well but only to that extent to which customers respond. Although PTCL is generating revenue from its value-added services but it doesn’t have any solid financial strategic outline, which can cope the entire complex financial situation, and also ambiguity exists in implementation strategic financial plans. Externally, PTCL has no competitors so it has no benchmark to gauge financial performance of its different departments with those of competitors.PromotionsPromotions are done on the basis of seniority not knowledge and skills. Most of the times less knowledgeable and less skilled employees are promoted who have little knowledge about the modern working methods due to which overcoming challenges is difficult whereas the skilled employees have to work under them which affects the overall performanceLack of Human Resources ManagementPTCL has no human resources management department.

It doesn’t have clear policy regarding hiring & training of work force. In PTCL, for most of the jobs there is no job work & evaluation of performance of employees.Lack of Training Program There is no proper training program to improve the skill of PTCL employees to cope with ever-changing telecommunication sector. Less skilled & inefficient workers are creating hurdles in its growth. No Effective Marketing DepartmentThere is no effective marketing department in the Organization.

There is only marketing officer working as a manager, further more marketing staff in the field region is also not available.Customer Dissatisfaction and Delayed ResponsesMany customers of PTCL are not satisfied with its services because of wrong billing, late delivery of bills and delayed responses for any fault in the telephone. Some customer complains that they received their bills in full amount although they have stayed out of the home and had not use the telephone at all.Culture There is no inclusion or company culture and approaches among the officers of PTCL and mostly their behavior with general public is still bureaucratic and their approach is not objective or profit-oriented.Customer ServiceCustomer care service is very poor. One has to wait a lot of time to talk to the customer service officer and all they do is give 48 hours of time to solve their issue/OPPORTUNITIES Skillful human resources:PTCL can improve the skill of its manpower by providing them the opportunities of advanced courses that will make them to cope with the ever-changing condition in field of telecommunication.

Telecom Facilities in Rural AreasAll the value-added services and digital facilities are available only in the main cities of Pakistan. PTCL can expand its business by providing telecom facilities in rural areas, which is only possible when adequate planning is done.Recruitment PTCL can also improve the human resources by the selection of competent person for different departments and this can only possible by discouraging the corruption and favoritism.Addition to The Product LineTop management of Organization can make additions to its existing product line by providing more services. In this way it can increase its revenue and customer satisfaction.

This requires market research.PTCL has already captured the industry so all kind of the opportunities are for PTCL till the end of monopoly.Market SizeAs PTCL is currently the largest Telecom Sector in Pakistan, the market size is huge and if PTCL manages to capture it all, it shall gain huge amount of investments. Provide incentives and motivation to enhance efficiency of staffPTCL have an opportunity to provide benefits on good performance. These benefits can be provided in form increase in salary, allowances, bonuses etc.

these benefits can be providing in order to encourage and motivate employees.THREATSStrategy of New ManagementWith the change of the management, most of the employees are working under pressure. They are disturbed due to fear and tension created by the new management. As the new management has its first step to remove the unnecessary and unskilled employees from the organization. So, in this perspective the performance and efficiency of the employees is affected.Mobile CompaniesMany mobile companies such as Mobilink, Warid Telecom, and Telenor are threats for PTCL.

People are increasingly using mobiles and ignoring PTCL land line network. Government Legislation Government policies can affect the performance of PTCL. Hence government policies will be a real threat for PTCL if they are not in favor of PTCL business activities. This can affect the recruiting policies of PTCL.TurnoverAt the end of the monopoly, competitors will enter the industry and the completion will increase as a result of which they will offer high pays and facilities to skill-person of the industry. This can increase the turnover of PTCL, which can create a serious threat for the organization.CHAPTER 4CONCLUSIONDuring my internship I have noticed following things.Although PTCL is still a monopoly but they still have to achieve a lot because Nayatel is gaining popularity and many others are now switching to Nayatel because of its high-speed internet.

But at the moment, PTCL can enjoy being the best ISP and Landline provider all over Pakistan. Here are some of my conclusions. The employees were not trained enough and were not having enough knowledge about the work they were performing.PTCL management should give more emphasis towards customer satisfaction, delight and satisfactionDownsizing employees from 65000 to 18000, they still have many employees who sit idle in their office all day. PTCL revenue is decreasing due to arrival of market competitors in the country, so the management should adopt special careful steps to face this competition environment.The workload is not equal in the departments. Some departments don’t even have a proper team to work with.There exists a huge amount of outstanding bills to be collected by the defaulters.

The company should frame tight and effective policies to ensure the collection of its outstanding bills. The revenue officers should be provided incentives and bonuses on achieving the determined targets of revenue collection.With top management, lower level employees should also be invited in the meetings and seminars so that they can be able to give their opinions and suggestions.

These opinions and suggestions can benefit the organization and for taking any decision they should take lower management in confidence.PTCL should recheck its marketing strategies as currently very few people know the services offered by PTCL. It should install more billboards, use print and electronic Medias.Less educated staff reduces the performance growth of the department in general and of the organization as a whole.The employees and workers of the organization do not come on time No proper procedure of installing new connections due to which the complaints increase and also some customers lose their confidence in the Broadband connections.RECOMMENDATION AND SUGGESTIONS In order to meet the new world challenges, it is very important for PTCL to bring some new changes in the existing system. With the implementation of the state-of-the-art technology PTCL would be able to compete and face the challenges of the new world.Only those people should be promoted to the upper level who has desired skills.

Upper management must provide proper trainings related to technology to it’s employees, especially the old, it will help them in implementation of new techniques of workingPTCL should communicate changes to its key people (top management and down wards). By sharing information and ensuring its acceptance, there are some other suggestions which should adopted by the management to improve the efficiency.There is a communication gap between Top management and lower management which should be removed. This can boost the morale of lower management as well as productivity There should also good relationship between middle management and clerical staff.

If the middle management and clerical staff cooperate with each other than the strong relationship is possible.There should be a good working environment in the offices. This isimportant as productivity is dependent on healthy working conditions. This includes both physical and intangible working environment.REFERENCES