Introduction has a positive effect on job satisfaction whereas

The proposed study aimed to
investigate the relationship between Job Satisfaction, Organizational
Commitment, Sense of Coherence and mediating role of Organizational Conflict
Management of employees of private companies which includes private businesses,
multi-national companies and firms. Researchers have shown a longstanding
interest in the relationship between job satisfaction and organizational
commitment, this interest is driven by researches that indicate that some aspects
of organizational commitment and loyalty are associated with the performance
of your work and effects how satisfy you are with your job. Job satisfaction and commitment to employing organizations have
received a great deal of attention from both academicians and practitioners
till in the 21st century. It has increased largely due to their significant
impact on organization and individual behaviors (Al-Aameri, 2000). It was
found that employee attitudes toward satisfaction and commitment are
indicators to the solidarity between organizational members and management
(Tonges et al., 1998).
When it is about Organizational Conflict Menagment
Studies collaborative conflict
management culture has a positive effect on job satisfaction whereas a
dominant management culture has a negative effect on job satisfaction. No
statistically significant relationship was found between an avoidant conflict
management culture and job satisfaction. These findings may be valuable in
making decisions about provision of training in conflict management in order
to promote a positive working atmosphere within an organization (Chooi Y. 2013).
The question of how
managers promote and maintain health and well-being in the workplace has
gained popularity across disciplines. It is evident that conflicts and
inappropriate conflict management in organizations can also lead to reducing
health and well-being in managers. The sense of coherence in salutogenesis
has been found an important resource to manage stress and to cope with
challenging situations (Claude-Helen & Christina 2012).
Job satisfaction will describe individuals satisfaction related to his/her job.
The people who are happier with their job will supposed to be more satisfied.
The organizational commitment as Randal, and Riegel (1995) defined it in a
three dimensions. First is strong desire to remain a member of a exacting
organization, second is readiness to exert high levels of efforts on behalf
of the organization, and third is belief in and acceptability of the values
and goals of the organization. Sense of coherence
is described as a general feeling of confidence that the individual´s
internal and external environments are predictable and that they will work
out as planned. It is also viewed as a cognitive and emotional appraisal
style which is connected to coping and health-enhancing behaviors which
results in improved adjustment in social settings.
            Proposed study aimed to investigate
the role of Job Satisfection, Organizational commitment and Sense of
Coherence by mediating the effects of Organizational Conflict Handelinhg
Stretigies or ways in workers or employees of private firms or multi-national
companies. It will further investigate the relationship of each of
above mentioned variable on each other to see how exactly they correlate with
each other, so that we can insure that necessary precautions regarding job
satisfaction of employees must be taking accordingly in each firm.
Job Satisfaction is perhaps the blessing of seven heavens as all
an employee wants is that his workplace envoirnment should be emotionally and
physically healthy for him and the work should be like work not a torture and
the workplace should be relaxing not a pressure cooker.
Although, we have many researches regarding the relationship of
Job Satisfaction, Organizational Commitments and the Job satisfaction and
organizational conflict menagment are there but very few are specifying the
mediating impact of Organizational Conflict Menagment with all the above
mentioned Constructs.

investigate relationship between Job Satisfaction and Organizational
investigate the Relationship between sense of Coherence and Job
Investigate the relationship between Sense of Coherence and
Organizational Conflict management.
investigate mediating role of Organizational Conflict Management in relationship
between Job Satisfaction, Organizational Commitment and Sense of
Investigate the Relationship of Sense of Coherence as a predictor of Job
Satisfaction, organizational Commitment and Organizational Conflict

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There will be the
Positive relationship between Job Satisfaction and Organizational
There will be the
Positive relationship between Sense of Coherence with Job Satisfaction
and Organizational Conflict Management.
The Sense of
Coherence will be the Positive Predictor of Job Satisfaction, Organizational
Commitment and Organizational Conflict Management.

Data will be collected through
self-reports measures along with a brief demographic sheet. Demographics like
age, city will be recorded on demographic sheet from the employees of private
firms, multi-national companies and businesses. Following instruments will be
used for data collection:
Job Satisfaction Scale (Warr, Cook
& Wall 1979)
Job Satisfaction scale is consist of
15 items which respondents are asked to rank 0-7 according to their level of
satisfaction from extremely dissatisfied to extremely satisfied.
Organizational Commitment Scale (Mowday, Steer and
Porter 1979)
It is 15 items questionnaire that involves question regarding
level of commitment and loyalty to the organizations in question. These
question involves certain level of emotional connection. The response is
rated on a 7-point likert scale from 1=Strongly agree to 7=Strongly Disagree.
 Out of 15 questiones in the
Questionnair, 6 are reversed which are 3,7,9,11,12 and 15.
Sense of Coherence (Avishai Antonovoski 1987)
The Scale of Sense of Coherence consist of 29-items which tells us
about the orientation to life of a respondent by responding to questions on 7
point likert scale.
Organizational Conflict
Management Inventory
The urdu translated version of
Organizational conflict management inventory is consist of 37-items which a
respondent have to answer on 5 point likert scale where 1=never and 5=often.
Sample of 200 employees from
private organizations, businesses from Chiniot, Sargodha and Faisalabad
random sampling.
Sample of the study will be
approached individually and Questionnaires will be applied.
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