Is Email being in your Inbox – the

Is artificial intelligence safe?Instead of “How” safe is Artificial Intelligence.

I think the answer should be short as its only requires “YES or NO” answer. I would say NO as the answer if and only if the machine/entity is given Final Decision over any decision making process. I would refer to a very simple example .Lets say we added AI to your Email Services where the AI system will decided which email is to be deleted from your Inbox after a time interval that sets the system to believe that the Email is no longer useful. After 30 days of an Email being in your Inbox – the email is deleted but what if it was an Email of great importance to you ? Yes if and only if the final decision of “Deleting” was given to you when the system decided that it should be deleted – then the system would considered Safe but if the AI system had the final decision of choosing “the deletion” process without your concise then you can always consider the system to be unsafe.

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The above is a very simple example in its entirety but any process that requires human decision making should be left to humans in the end or should involve human confirmation