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It is always said “two heads are better than one,” working as a team results in better decision making and coming up with the best decisions which could not have realized when working as an individual. Working as a team has many advantages, and one can also learn a lot as you get to interact with people from different cultural backgrounds, personalities, and characters. Working or conducting a group work is also done by meeting physically or working online, over the internet platforms.

So, for the Assignment 2 Group project we formed a group that was consisted of four members. As we did not know each other that well in the beginning one of the hardest tasks was to estimate how everyone’s attitude towards working in a team was like and how much effort every single member is going to put in our project. Communication was limited to moderate in the group. During the very first meeting we created a ‘WhatsApp’ group in order to have a fast and easy way to communicate, as everyone is reachable on his mobile phone almost constantly. Expect if it is about setting a date and time for the group meeting.

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During our very first meeting we divided the tasks we have to do in order to complete the assignment. The division of the task itself went very well as everyone agreed on what he have to do. We clarified what was not clear and each team member started working on his task right away. Therefore, the division was a good decision we made as a group. My task was to do the Cancel booking of the excursion system for both admin ; customer, Test report of the whole system and writing the SQL code for inserting Customers and booking in the database. While doing the Cancel booking I struggled and faced some issues about the SQL part of the code.

Our group leader Mugdh Chauhan was very helpful regarding this matter and I managed to finish the task. After we finished the whole project we decided that it was a good time for doing the Test report of the system. While doing the testing I was able find some major and minor problems in our project such as customer makes a successful booking without typing customer ID and when a mandatory field is blank and the button is pressed no error message showing up.

After identifying the problems we managed to solve the issues as a group. So, I believe that I contributed my fair share in the group project.There is an experience you acquire when working as a group or team. Group/teamwork requires dealing or working with individuals of diverse, character, attitudes, individuality, and sometimes of varied cultural background. It requires good communication and understanding.

The key thing in our group was understanding each other’s character, personality, attitudes. This collaboration, although for academic purposes, has trained me many effects, interacting with persons of diverse culture and nature, a very thrilling knowledge, though, at times, it can be rough. It is good that I am undergoing this at this period because, it will be of much help later in the later days when I will be working in a in different country outside my motherland with different people from other countries, with a different traditions and of a different character.