It up to date on the legislations,

It is highly important to continually improve knowledge and practice because guidelines, legislations and welfare requirements will sometimes change meaning there is a need to keep up to date on such important matters. Also just improving capabilities across the range of tasks that are carried out daily helps. Being in a managerial role means that we need to be up to date on the legislations, guidelines etc.

to be able to guide, support and influence other staff to do well in their role. Reflective practice is a major part of professional development. It can be difficult at times to criticise your own work, but by looking at it from different points of view, you are able to benefit from it and better your skills. Improving my own knowledge is very important to me and I enjoy learning new skills which can benefit my role now or future roles.

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If I continue to develop professionally and improve my knowledge resulting in me improving my practice, I will:• Become a positive role model to other staff,• Be confident in my own abilities and future employment,• Lead and influence staff positively with the correct information and highest of standards,• Recognise opportunity for further career to movement