It example at festive times, It is important

It is important that when care workers interacts with service users that they respect their beliefs and life style. For example at festive times, It is important you approach these religous days as people may celebrate christmas with garland decorations in order to get in the spirit of the occasion making the home feel festive and to engage others into the christmas spirit. Care workers may enjoy the festive atmosphere, the next service user may be of a different religous belief and does not celebrate it.

Carers must do whatever it takes we to make these service users feel at home and happy with their environment. if a client does not celebrate this public holiday, it is important to let them be and not push them into participating with the christmas. If they do not celebrate Christmas because of their religion, it is important not say anything that they may find disrespectful by their religion, beliefs and culture even although I may find it acceptable.

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To avoid the conversation of christmas, I could ask them about their religion and learn about what they believe, this would give more topics to discuss, creating a better relationship between myself and the service user, which would make the client more comfortable with the care they are receiving.