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Jake MartinezMs. KoehlerEnglish 11Poaching When people think of problems in the environment they think of pollution, along with pollution poaching is a big problem too. Poaching has been a problem for years, even with laws in place, nothing has stopped this crime yet. Poaching in Africa and Asia has become a serious problem for wildlife native to these areas.

This Crime is done for profit, This means the hunters are illegally killing animals for their fur, hide, tusks, horns and many other body parts that can be sold for a large amount of money. Poacher usually hunt elephants, rhinos, and tigers but they kill life in the sea too like whales and sharks. This illegal hunting has led to certain animals population rate to plummet at an alarming rate. Many nations have banned poaching, but enforcement is difficult.

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The small number of police officers trained to deal with this creates an unfair advantage for poachers.Poachers usually only kill animals for a certain body part: tigers are hunted for their striped fur, elephants and rhinos are killed for their ivory found in their tusks and the horn of the rhino.” In January 2018, at 10:00 local time, Minister Edna Molewa from the South African Department of Environmental Affairs released the 2017 poaching numbers from across South Africa. 1,028 rhino were poached in 2017, a slight decline (26) from the 1,054 animals killed in 2016. There’s no reason to celebrate: 1,028 rhinos killed in South Africa alone during 2017 works out nearly three rhinos being killed every day. And while poaching is down in Kruger National Park, it is significantly up in other provinces, particularly KwaZulu-Natal.

” The animal’s body is left to rot after the poachers remove what they want. Sharks that are lured to the boat are caught on hooks. Their fins are cut off and then they are thrown back into the water to die, without fins they can’t swim. The laws that are in place to help animals are not very effective. The number of trained guards are less than the poachers therefore the guards are unable to protect the herds of animals that are endangered due to poaching.With the effect of poaching certain animals that are hunted might soon only be seen in zoos!Animal poaching is a terrible action in which humans partake. If it is against the law for a human’s life than it should be for an animal as well.

Maybe not as harsh as murder yet it should still be a crime in which people do not commit. There are game reserves, which have to protect the numbers of certain animals so they can be preserved and not poached. The numbers for the Big 5 has to be kept under great secret, as they need to protect these animals the most as they are higher risk. If a large number of these animals were killed they are at a great chance of their species becoming extinct which is a major downfall as it not only affects other animals but it affects us humans greatly. This is because of the effect it may have on the vicious food chain animals from all around the world are such beautiful creatures that add to the amazing beauty of every country. In South Africa they have the black and white rhinos, elephants, giraffes, Lions and the list Carries On.

Without these animals what would our country be like? Just imagine South Africa with no Wildlife, any nature and the game reserves. It would feel incomplete. So why are people lowering the chances of their future families on being able to witness such tremendous Wildlife. If you were lucky enough to experience such a wonderful thing in life why would you deny it or take it away from anyone else?The mountain gorilla is a Human like animal that is built out of pure strength, to the poachers all they see is a trophy, gorillas were poached and sold to foreigners as trophies and live specimens, but none survived in captivity. The deaths of gorillas are now a result of unselective hunting by snares, mainly set to catch antelope and wild pig. The real remaining threat is either the killing of the gorillas or the capture of infants for live animal trade. Infants are sold on the black market illegally to wealthy animal collectors.

This clearly states what poachers are doing and shows the cruelty of this issue.The African elephant is the largest land mammal is unbelievably threatened by the cruelty of human poaching. Poachers are their biggest threat without doubt.

Soon there will be no big five, no elephant, lion, rhino, leopard or buffalo. Elephants have no natural predators except humans. Their large distinct tusks on either side of the elephant’s face make them an obvious target to poachers. They are hunted for their ivory, to be sold as jewelry, silverware, and other uses. In the current rates of poaching, elephant populations will not last another 10 years in the wild. Elephants have low reproductive rates, so their pregnancies last longer than most other mammals. They carry their calf for 20 months and usually bear one calf every 2-4 years.

Reproductive rates are not sustainable to population numbers at current poaching rates. Tigers are highly valued for their uses which are to gain money. They were once found in Indonesia, India, China, Russian Far East and eastern Turkey, now they only exist in small areas scattered across those regions.

The demand for tiger parts poses the largest threat to tiger survival. This animal is being hunted to extinction for its skins, claws, and teeth. The tigers are killed by snares, traps or killed with food injected with poison. In the last 10 years 1000 tigers have been killed to meet the demand for it in asia. A single tiger part can cost as much as $50,000 on the black market, which creates an even bigger target of these animals, By having such a ridiculous price for their body parts this make the tiger very vulnerable to the dangers of extinction due to poaching.

This shows that people are affecting the tiger’s last chance of survival. As we speak these creatures are left vulnerable and defenceless, knowing you were going to be slaughtered. Animal poaching is a global issue and should not be handled lightly. The issue of extinction as these beautiful beings being slaughtered as we speak.

Soon it will be to late look back on what we have done. We need to prevent this now. We need to arm these governments with more resources to protect the defenceless, weak and vulnerable creatures of our world. These examples clearly explain three arguments with their three animal references that have been highly affected in these ways by poaching.

These animals clearly show the effects of poaching. The tiger (threatened by money), the elephant declining due to cruelty, and the mountain gorilla threatened by early research and capture of infants. This is just a speck of thousands of animals threatened, critically endangered and nearly extinct because of poachers. This clearly proves that the issue of animal poaching is extremely serious and needs to be dealt with very soon.