Jana frequent trips to the mountains. In

Jana knew that she would have to undertake frequent trips to themountains. In between the constant training programs to keep up her ownstrength and teaching her clients at the yoga and martial arts retreat at the wellnesscenter, the rest of Jana’s life was padded out with visits to clients who tobetter their lives, seek spiritual and physical healing, and learn to defendthemselves. It was a peaceful life and the routine of it all sometimes almostlulled her to sleep.

However the one thing that bothered her was the constantache somewhere deep inside her as if something was missing, and she knewexactly what it was. Whom it was. Shetried to clear her mind and reminded herself fiercely of the purpose of her newlife, but sometimes she just couldn’t help it.Too often Jana was finding herself sleeping alone, longing forcompanionship and with only her memories of Nolan to quell her more awkward discomforts.A long night of meditation in the freezing cold with no warmbody to curl up to…It made her groan and scream into her pillow withdissatisfaction. She would try to think of times past to help her on her waywhen the lack of bodily comforts became too distracting. However, no matter howoveractive her imagination got, her fingers and vivid thoughts simply could notreplace the delicious elation she got by having him pressed up against her.

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He always felt sowarm and hard. His body was rigid lines and toned curves. His fingers wereskilled and he pleased her exactly how she liked, but most importantly he waslarge.So large and dominating.

She craved the thick, huge and callousplayfulness of his fingers pressed deep and hard into her body. They were somuch better than anything she was doing to herself right now. Jana whimpered.She bit her bottom lip hard as she tried to keep the tinglingshe had managed to achieve going.

But on her ownit was too much. Her wrists always became too sore, her fingers too numb…or shewould just plain bottle it up.Too unnerved by her own hunger for gratification. He was so faraway and yet he was always on her mind.

‘ … Damn it, Nolan!’Jana rolled over and huffed in frustration feeling hot, botheredand hornier than she was before she started.She tried to get her breath back, ignoring the aching. Ifshe didn’t see him soon, she would probably go insane. No amount of coldshowers under the waterfall would take away her desires.Nolan.

She needed Nolan. Him and his broad body with her in bed.Taking control, then losing it as he used that amazing ‘asset’ of his to fillher, ravish her, bring her to a much better climax than anyone else couldpossibly bring…His hard, sexy, robust-‘Ugh!’ she screamed.And as long as those desires plagued her mind, the moreimpossible it would be for her to concentrate on sharpening her skills.’Damn it, damn it, damn it!’ shepouted over and over.***Leaving the office in the (somewhat) capable hands of his protégés, Nolan haddecided to bite the bullet and take the train up to visit Jana.

Despite knowingit was ill-advised to go and visit her while she was supposed to be achieving aspiritual enlightenment and physical conditioning, he could tell by theiroccasional brief conversations on the phone that she was…tense.And she was only half-way through her training process.Wrapped up tight in his coat, scarf and boots he trekked up towards the small wellness center where shewas currently living her life in isolation. It was even further up the mountainthan the building it was connected to.In order to keep the peace, he checked in with the supervising managerbefore heading on up. The manager in question was not nearly as jovial as expectedbut she accommodated his request.

She raised a thin eyebrow and pursed her lips.’You came all this way just to see Jana?’ she scoffed.Nolan frowned, ‘Well, she is mygirlfriend.”Indeed…’ she hissed. ‘You know that Jana is in the middle of avital period of her training-”Yes, thank you,’ he cut her off sternly.

‘I know all of that. Ionly came to make sure she was okay. She seemed a little anxious.’The manager pursed her lips again before folding her arms andleaving him be, seemingly giving her unwilling permission for him to speak toher employee… and perhaps mentally noting to stop Jana from talking to anyoneon the phone.No wonder Jana feels likea prisoner in this place,Nolan thought.He went back outside into the bittercold January climate and made his way towards Jana’s shelter.Separate from the rest of the center, gardens and traininghalls, the private house of the trainers was located on top of a cliff withonly a set of unstable stone steps available to reach it. It took Nolan twiceas long to climb them due to his fear of slipping but once he reached the tophe was ready to sit down.

The closer he got to the door, the closer he got to the promiseof warmth. Before Nolan could reach his hand up to knock, the door flewopen and he saw Jana standing before him for the first time in nearly threemonths. He beamed. ‘Jana!’ ‘Nolan…’ she gasped, surprised but obviously thrilled.Immediately she threw her arms around him. ‘I saw you creeping your way up thepath like the old man you are!’ ‘Jana…’ he groaned, pulling himself away. She felt so warm.

‘Canyou wait until I’m inside to tease me?’ Yes, teasing can wait, Jana thought,tilting her head thoughtfully. Poor old Nolan felt like an ice block and heneeded to thaw out. ‘Sure thing, old guy.’ She stepped aside to let him in. Nolan was relieved to be close to a fire.

The heat of Jana’s little hearth was already starting to make him feeltoasty as he pulled off his outer layers. Jana walked back over to the small cloth mat she had been sitting on in frontof the fire.’So, you really are up here by yourself?’ he asked. ‘Yeah…’ she sighed.

‘It’d be great if I had something to passthe time in between training. Like some games, television, internet, books-‘ He chuckled, ‘You mean those young adult novels you’re addictedto, right?’ ‘I’m not sixteen anymore, Nolan!’ Jana puffed. It was true though. He hooked his coat and scarf on the stand before sitting in thechair opposite where she was. Despite her complaintsthis place seemed pretty homely and cute. He spied her bed peeking out frombehind the half-open shoji and a small bookcase of old looking tomes thatprobably were more non-fiction than the young adult and genre fiction he knewshe enjoyed. The room they were in was pretty cosytoo.

There was the hearth, a small table to eat at and another hallway, whichlikely led to the bathroom. That was reassuring -at least she didn’t have tobattle the elements to the main building to answer nature’s call. He alsonoticed that there was a folding screen obscuring a large washing basin andwater jug, indicating that she probably had to gather and heat her own water. Talk about medieval, Nolan thought. No wonder she’s so tense -she’s missing thecomforts of home.Nolan looked down to see Jana kneeling right in front of him.Her cat-like smile was very easy to decipher.

He instinctively closed his legs.’No!’ he protested, blushing. ‘I don’t want that old witch supervising you toput a curse on me.’Jana placed her hands on his knees to push them apart again.’Don’t worry about it,’ she said slyly.

‘I can lift any curse that silly oldbiddy might put on you…’ and she shifted even closer, now trapping his legsapart with her proximity to him. ‘And put a goodluck charm on you to deflect any more curses…’Nolan could already feel his thighs start to quiver.’But doesn’t your training depend on your body being-‘ he eeked out a surprisedgrunt mid-sentence ‘-cleansed?”Yes,’ Jana replied, completely disgruntled. She got right onto her knees inorder to reach up and cup his cheeks. ‘But I’m also supposed to have a cleansedmind and that is something…’Her hands crept down his body back towards his crotch.He stifled a grunt.She chuckled, ‘…I can’t achieve without your help.

‘Nolan swallowed hard, somehow managing to keep it together long enough to rollhis eyes and joke at her, ‘You never think of anything else, Jana.’Jana pouted. Seeing those puffed up cheeks on the face of a grown woman wassurprisingly hot. It helped that her face was pretty youthful and fleshy as ithad been when she was younger.

It was really helping to get him going but he was reluctant still. Not becausehe didn’t want to have sex. He did, alot. No, it was because of another reason: one that he doubted many menever had to deal with.’But,’ Nolan began slowly. ‘Don’t you remember what happened…last time?”Last time?’The last time they had slept together was when they were in the city.

It hadn’tbeen anything special, or at least no less special than any bedroom rompbetween them.’I mean the last time we had sex…after you’d been through an intense training,’he went on.Jana smirked. Oh, yes. That.The very thing that had been occupying Jana’s dreams for the last few nights.

Those spiritually heightened sessions were like a drug and ever since the firsttime they had made the discovery, Jana had wanted to take advantage of it everytime she returned from training.’You mean my special needs powered by training and focus?’ Jana joked.’It’s not funny, Jana,’ Nolan blushed.’You’re right,’ Jana smiled. ‘It’s not funny, it’s hot…very, very hot.’Yes. Her favorite thing about his was hissize.

It drove her crazy.Nolan felt like his whole body was roasting now.’Don’t pretend that you don’t get off on it too,’ she said. ‘Your body, yourmuscles, your hands…’She took hold of one of them, bringing it to her mouth and nibbling the tips ofhis fingers.’The longer I go without you,’ Jana finally replied, ‘The longer I want to goat it hard whenI finally get to see you again.’She groped the front of his trousers with her free hand.’And when you’re all big and strong,’ she added. ‘You go at it twice as hard.

‘Nolan braced himself against the chair but made no attempt to stop her for thesake of her training. He thought it was nonsense anyway. Jana had never hadtrouble maintaining focus.He opened his eyes.’Jana…”Please, Nolan,’ she gasped desperately. ‘You h-have no idea how painful it hasbeen the last few weeks without you.

‘She started to undo his fly.He felt his body quiver with want. God, he had missed these moments too.

Lyingalone in bed, looking over at the side that Jana usually occupied, left himyearning for the sweetness of her body as much as she had for him.He placed his hand on her wrist.’But it might set back your training…’Jana pulled the zip down, ignoring him.

‘…And you might have to stay up here longer.’She reached in.Nolan’s head snapped back.

She slowly ran her fingers up his shaft, teasing hishead and then went all the way down to his balls, cupping them gently.He grabbed her face with his hands.’Oh, god…y-you’re right! Who cares?’He slipped off the chair to kneel on the floor with her and pressed his mouthhard against hers. Jana groaned in relief as the force of his body pushed her back onto the mat infront of the fire. Her want bubbledbetween her legs as she felt that all-similar hardness pressed against her.She tugged at his shirt.

‘Take it off, Nolan!’He grinned and sat up. His fingers were shaking, making it harder to grasp thetiny buttons. In the end, he ripped a couple trying to get it off.’I packed a spare,’ he assured her.Not bothering to pull at her coat, he instead reached under her skirt. Janagiggled in astonishment as Nolan hooked his fingers into her panties andswiftly pulled them down her thighs, over her knees, off her feet and gone.

Kneeling between her thighs, he plastered his lips against hers again. She sighed. ‘Ready?’He nodded.’Go for it.’Jana placed her hands on his shoulders, closed her eyes and slowly ran herfingers down his torso.

 It gave her the opportunity to really feel hischest. It was as nicely toned as she remembered it. Lovely and firm, not toomuch hair, wide shoulders, deceptively well-maintained muscles… Slowly, she felt his skin tighten and stretch.’Gah!’ he cried.It had begun. He braced himself above her, one hand on each side of her head,straining as he felt his body slowly start to shift from normal towell-endowed. That was the best way to describe it.

“Well-endowed”. It wasn’tespecially painful as it was sore, like when he rode his bike a long, longdistance. It filled his muscles with the burning of strain and vigor.Once the aching past, though, he would be ready for her in triplicate.Nolan shook as the endorphin flowed through his body, counteracting the tensionin his muscles and getting him pumped.He couldn’t wait to make love to Jana.He opened his eyes to Jana’s face, hungrily admiring him from beneath shadedeyelashes. She licked her dry lips.

 He was a little bigger than last time. Even hegot a thrill out of seeing how…amazing he looked. It had all come from the pitsof Jana’s mind.

She loved Nolan big, brawny, and fit. The guy who could quenchthe lust that he might otherwise have killed himself trying to pacify if he wasnot in peak physical condition.He pressed his forehead against hers, denying her a kiss.Jana felt his huge body against hers. He was so big, strong and hard. Everymuscle felt glorious pressed against her breasts especially, sending sensationsthrough her body.She leaned up.

‘Very sexy, Nolan,’ Jana quivered.Nolan took a deep breath. Holding himself above her was a pretty easy task nowthanks to the huge muscles she had granted him. But then he was very consciousabout not pressing himself too hard against her for fear of crushing her.His hand run across her thigh and down toher slit. Her whole body stiffened with anticipation.’Push them in.’He smiled.