J?gdi?h i? a necessary ?l?m?nt t? h?rn??? r?th?r than

J?gdi?h Ch?turv?di stand up comedy shows

Dr. J?gdi?h Ch?turv?di i? ?n ENT Surg??n, M?di??l D?vi??
Innovator, Auth?r ?nd  Comedian at
Jagdish Chaturvedi stand up comedy shows.during o many occasions and on
different platforms he has been admired and cherished,due to his talents and

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Dr J?gdi?h ?t?rt?d d?bbling in comedy f?ur ???r? b??k while
he was in St?nf?rd University f?r hi? research ?tudi??.pulling so many crowd at
Jagdish Chaturvedi stand up comedy shows “Ov?r there it i? very n?rm?l t? do
stand-up comedy but in India, it g?in?d popularity in th? last two-three
years,” he ????. Furth?r ?l?b?r?ting, h? ????, “I h??? t? ?h?w???? a different
perspective of looking ?t mi?t?k?? ?nd failures. Mistakes ?r? a ??rt of
?v?r??n?’? gr?wth ?nd i? a necessary ?l?m?nt t? h?rn??? r?th?r than avoid.” Hi?
channel ?n Y?uTub?, Th? M?g?? ?f ?m?ll thing?, i? v?r? ?u?????ful ?nd few ?f
his ?li?? h?v? b??n bought by B?l?ji T?l?film? t? showcase on their digit?l
?l?tf?rm Altb?l?ji. “F?w m?nth? b??k, I r???iv?d a call fr?m th?m about the
vid???. They lik?d them ?nd b?ught th? ?x?lu?iv? rights ?f fiv? vid??? to air
it ?n the platform,” h? ?h?r??.

Chaturvedi has rocked the english stand up comedian in india
on so many occasions because he entertains the heart of his audience.he brings
for the joy and cheers to their broken minds,most of all if you would check out
Jagdish Chaturvedi stand up comedy shows you would see that he is really
leading all other  comedian even checking
on so many platforms to see the top 10 comedy youtube channels.i wonder how he
managed cracking and pulling out som nay jokes with his orofession as well. H?
i? r???gniz?d ?? one ?f th? 35 inn?v?t?r? und?r the ?g? of 35 b? th? MIT
t??hn?l?g? review 2016. H? i? ?l?? a ?t?nd-u? ??m?di?n, ???ul?riz?d b? his
YouTube channel “Th? Magaa of ?m?ll thing?” and i? the ?uth?r ?f th? best
??lling b??k on m?di??l device inn?v?ti?n? called “Inv?nting M?di??l D?vi??? –
A ??r????tiv? from Indi?” ?nd ” Th? b?n?fit? of f?iling successfully”.

It’? not ?nl? ??m?d? th?t h?? made him a n?m? t? r??k?n
with, h? is th? br?in b?hind several inv?nti?n? ?f d?vi??? th?t will b?
b?n?fi?i?l to th? general public. Currently, he i? working ?n h?w to m?k? a
l?w-???t , high-?u?lit? device to m?k? Balloon Sinuplasty r???h?bl? to many.

It might b? ???? f?r a l????r??n to regard m?di?in? as a
dr?, exceedingly int?ll??tu?l profession ?r??ti??d b? somber brainiacs in whit?
l?b coats. And then th?r?’? J?gdi?h Chaturvedi, a ??ung doctor in Indi? wh?
moonlights as a ?t?nd-u? comedian, has a side hustle ?? a m?di??l d?vi??
inv?nt?r, ?nd ???? m?di?in? ?? an endlessly ?r??tiv? ?r?f???i?n.

Ch?turv?di i? only 32, but th? B?ng?l?r?-b???d ??r, n???,
?nd thr??t ?urg??n h?? already h?l??d inv?nt ?nd l?un?h 18 low-cost medical
d?vi??? t?il?r?d f?r th? ?ingul?r needs of Indi?’? h??lth ??r? ???t?m. “As a
d??t?r in Indi?,” ???? Chaturvedi, wh? dedicates ?b?ut 40% ?f hi? clinical
?r??ti?? to und?r??rv?d rural ?r???, “I n??d t? d??l with th? di?????, th?
limited r???ur???, ?nd the ?ultur?l ?nd superstitious b?li?f?. M?n? tim??, it’s
hard t? tr??t a patient if th? d??t?r d???n’t ???m ?lign?d with th?ir b?li?f?.”
Confronting th??? ?h?ll?ng?? ?n a d?il? basis h?? forced him t? b???m? ?n
un??mm?nl? ?r??tiv? d??t?r in a tr?diti?n?ll? l?ft-br?in profession—an ENT
????i?li?t wh? ??ll? him??lf “the fir?t ENTr??r?n?ur,” ?n? who h?? m?d? it hi?
mi??i?n to dr??m up new gadgets th?t ?ff?r ??luti?n? to ?th?rwi?? intractable

And in hi? d?wntim?, he t?ll? jokes.

Ch?turv?di performs ?? a ?t?nd-u? ??m?di?n and ?n actor on
the ?m?ll stage. Checking out the english stand up comedian in india ,
Ch?turv?d has made so many fans  and
would also want to be seen all the time.And n?, h? d???n’t d? thi? in ??rvi??
?f ??m? ?li?hé notion th?t l?ught?r is th? best ,check out on him at  Jagdish Chaturvedi stand up comedy shows. . .
Oh, ??u kn?w th? rest.

 “Y?u n??d t? b?
?b??rv?nt t? b? ?bl? to find something th?t’? funn?.”

And when h? gets stuck—really ?tu?k—w?ll, it’? lik? th? Bard
??id: “On? m?n in hi? tim? ?l??? many parts.” Especially, ??rh???, if ??u’r? a
young d??t?r who ?nj??? ?trutting hi? hour upon th? ?t?g?.

Wh?n h? ?x?l?in? hi? br?nd of comedy to an ?ut?id?r, it can
have a ??rt?in kind of n?rd? charm—almost lik? ??u’r? listening to The Big Bang
Th??r?’? Sh?ld?n C????r t?lk about h?ving a g? ?t th? mic on ?m?t?ur night.

Lik? m?n? comedians, he ?ft?n min?? th?
w?m?n-?r?-fr?m-V?nu?-m?n-?r?-fr?m-M?r? d?b?t?. On? ?f hi? g?-t? bit? is ?n
“??nfu?ing” thing? women say in r?l?ti?n?hi??.