Kaitlynn to people who smoked cigarettes (Leader).

Kaitlynn MaudsleyProfessor Couch English 10113 November 2018E-cigarettes are Disguised KillersHave you ever heard about e-cigarettes being safe or even healthier for you? Electronic cigarettes and other vape devices are not a healthy substitute compared to smoking cigarettes. In 2016, studies including 7,551 smokers announced that e-cigarettes assisted a number of 18 percent to quit smoking (E-Cigarettes). They may say that e-cigarettes are used to be a safe alternative to help you quit smoking; however they still contain multiple health risks.

E-cigarettes are affecting and addicting many lives today, including young teens. There are claims that state how e-cigarettes can increase nicotine addiction in young teens, rather than leading them away from smoking cigarettes (E-Cigarettes). Although, now kids that have never smoked a cigarette have become addicted to nicotine through another device. An example of an e-cigarette targeting young teens today is called the juul. Juuls have been introduced to safely turn smokers away from cigarettes, yet it is doing the opposite.

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The electronic cigarettes do appear to be safer for smokers unable to pull away from cigarettes. They do not contain tobacco or nearly as many toxins that are the main causes of lung disease and cancer in smokers (E-Cigarettes). This is less risky compared to smoking a tobacco cigarette. Research founded in 2017 by Cancer Research UK showed that people who used e-cigarettes had lower levels of carcinogens compared to people who smoked cigarettes (Leader).

This helps support how e-cigarettes are a good alternative. Despite the gesture that e-cigarettes are safer for you, they still hold many risk factors to your body. In 2016 the University of Connecticut studied that e-cigarettes can cause the same level of DNA damage to the lungs (Leader). This helps support the claim that alternative smoking is not better for you. From 2005 to now, e-cigarette use in young people has increased intensely to 900 percent (Leader). This proves that e-cigarettes do not help you stay away from nicotine, but helps get you even more addicted. These products are even affecting unborn children that are in the fetal stage. It can cause preterm deliveries and interfere the fetus’s brain and lung development (E-Cigarettes).

This supports the claim that e-cigarettes are dangerous for you and your offspring. E-cigarettes and other nicotine devices include nearly the same amount of health risks compared to smoking cigarettes. Although, they may be advertised to be safer for you, many factors can accurately prove that that claim is wrong. E-cigarettes can escalate the intake of nicotine, and it can steer you to be more addicted to it, meaning more health issues including death. .

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