Luy Le Prof. Noorzai EAP1640C 11 April

Luy LeProf.

NoorzaiEAP1640C11 April 2018The Negative Effects of Getting a Divorce on ChildrenDivorce has become very popular because many people and even the notable psychologists believe that, if married individual no longer harmonize, they had should divorce each other. In particular, they believe divorce is the best method to get rid of quarrels, conflict, and mental pressures for married couples. However, the parents and their children will suffer profound injuries because they have to be apart.

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As adults, parents can overcome the tough period in certain times, but children cannot, and they may have permanent wounds in their minds. Divorce can bring negative effects on children. Studies have shown children can be affected in their mentality, behaviors and relationships.Children’s minds are vulnerable and can be shocked upon seeing their parents apart forever because they live and think completely dependently on their parents.

The consequences of a divorce can change their mentality in negative ways. Because children become to feel anxious, upset, and lonely, they hardly to find interest to study, to play, and even to talk. In addition, some children blame themselves for their parents’ divorce. That can lead their mind to have negative thoughts.

For instance, they hate themselves, hurt themselves. When children’s mentality is hurt, they will develop negative behaviors. They will act without thinking about consequences. In order words, they can lose productive, and positive behaviors. For example, they will behave disrespectfully to adults; they will isolate themselves from peers, or they will be bad-tempered and conflict with the people around them.

In this case, children need someone who can be by their side, take care them and talk to them.Most importantly, when these negative things are put into the minds of these children, they will lose their initial beautiful and innocent image of relationship. In particular, this effect will give them a negative view of marriage and family. They will not find a family model and happy marriage. The meaning and character of marriage will also be misleading as they look at their parents and their parents’ marital life after divorce.

As children of divorce, they tend to have difficulties trusting other people. Moreover, they might sabotage their relationships with others, and they will start to have meaningless relationships because they lost their faith with others.According to Statistics Brain, seventy percent of children who were long term in prison grew up in broken families. The statistic demonstrate children are the victims who have the detrimental effects of divorce.

The effects of divorce can ruin children’s mentality, behavior and relationship. Children deserve to have a happy family, the care of parents and a promising future.