Mangoes diet and cancer. (A) conducted (B) confirmed (C)

Mangoes are a _____ fruit here in Taiwan; most of them reach their peak of sweetness in July.
(A) mature (B) usual (C) seasonal (D) particular

Writing term papers and giving oral reports are typical course _____ for college students.
(A) requirements (B) techniques (C) situations (D) principles

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If we work hard to _____ our dreams when we are young, we will not feel that we missed out on
something when we get old.

(A) distribute (B) fulfill (C) convince (D) monitor

Few people will trust you if you continue making _____ promises and never make efforts to keep them.

(A) chilly (B) liberal (C) hollow (D) definite

Becky _____ her ankle while she was playing tennis last week. Now it still hurts badly.
(A) slipped (B) dumped (C) twisted (D) recovered

Research shows that men and women usually think differently. For example, they have quite different
_____ about what marriage means in their life.

(A) decisions (B) beliefs (C) styles (D) degrees

The new manager is very _____. For instance, the employees are given much shorter deadlines for the
same tasks than before.

(A) persuasive (B) tolerable (C) suspicious (D) demanding

While the couple were looking _____ for their missing children, the kids were actually having fun in
the woods nearby.

(A) anxiously (B) precisely (C) evidently (D) distinctly

After delivering a very powerful speech, the award winner was _____ by a group of fans asking for her

(A) deposited (B) reserved (C) vanished (D) surrounded

The interviewees were trying very hard to _____ the interviewers that they were very capable and
should be given the job.

(A) credit (B) impress (C) relieve (D) acquire

After the first snow of the year, the entire grassland disappeared under a _____ of snow.
(A) flake (B) blossom (C) blanket (D) flash

Peter likes books with wide _____, which provide him with enough space to write notes.
(A) angles (B) margins (C) exceptions (D) limitations

At the beginning of the semester, the teacher told the students that late assignments would receive a low
grade as a _____.

(A) hardship (B) comment (C) bargain (D) penalty

Various studies have been _____ in this hospital to explore the link between a high-fat diet and cancer.
(A) conducted (B) confirmed (C) implied (D) improved

Intense, fast-moving fires raged across much of California last week. The _____ firestorm has claimed
the lives of thirty people.

(A) efficient (B) reliable (C) massive (D) adequate