Microsoft we haveused the StandardNC6sv2 which has

Microsoft has introduced an augmented reality experience, virtual reality headsetwith development kit which runs on the windows mixed reality platform in Windows10 operating system. It was released on March 2016 Development edition. Hololensis a holographic computer that allows to experience 3D holographic images andvideos in the real time environment like learning human anatomy in 3D, working ofengines or heavy machinery’s in a class room. It enables interaction with hologramswith voice command gaze and tap gesture which brings improvement in visualizationand working with devitalized data in the real world.

This has brought a vast explo-ration in medical field for example in UK’s Children hospital has adopted Hololensto assist surgeons 26, educational system, automobile industry- transformation ofbusiness by improvisation of manfacturing efficiency and designing and also Skypevideo call where virtual 3D holoportation research is on progress. ?In our work weare capturing the images from Hololens camera and planning to generate 3D modelbased on the object detection. 2416BertrandtFH KielFigure 3.6: Hololens3.3.2 NCv2-series virtual MachinesThe computational performance plays significant role during training phase, we haveused the StandardNC6sv2 which has 6 vCPU, 112 GiB (Gibibyte) Memory, tempstorage(SSD) of 736 GiB, Max data disk is 12, 1 GPU equal to one V100 card andMax NICs is 4. The NCv2-series in the virtual machine are enabled by NVIDIA TeslaP100 GPU accelerator that provides low latency, 2×computational performance ofthe NC-series, high-throughput network interface optimized for computing tightlycoupled parallel workloads GPU.

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3.4 Software3.4.1 PythonPython is a high level programming language, it is suitable for implementing asscripting language and web application.

Python can be extended in C and C#to compute most complex tasks and it provides consistent and easy to implementusing object and object oriented programming. It excels the development speed,execution time, provides clarity and maintainability. We have used Python 3.6version, tensorflow with CPU support and also GPU supported(CUDA Toolkit 9.0associated with NVIDIA Drivers and cuDNN v7.

0).For the research on machine learning and deep learning problems manyessential networks are used like tensorflow, keras for implementing convolutionalneural networks (CNNs), deep neural networks (DNNs), recurrent neural networks(RNNs), long short-term memory (LSTM) 8, 18, 7.17BertrandtFH Kiel3.4.2 UnityThe unity is used to develop 3D and 2D applications and deploy them in mobile,desktop, Hololens. Unity provides high performance with multithread system and itcan be used across various platforms with backend IL2CPP scripting and scriptingruntime in Mono/.NET 4,6. It has reusable asset which saves abundant time by usingprefabs, materials and plugins.

For our thesis we are using Unity 2017.2 version 38.This software is used for virtual reality experience, augmented reality where thereis a overlay between the real world and virtual objects and mixed reality which isan hybrid of virtual and augmented reality where we can interact with both the co-existing environments. To understand them better we can look into some examplesfor Virtual reality are Video Games and VR Games,example for Augumented realityare Instagram filters, Pokemon Go and for mixed reality hololens and magic leapare good examples Visual StudioVisual Studio software is also provided by Microsoft to develop computer applica-tions, online websites, mobile application which can be integrated in developmentenvironment.

The programming language we are using is C# which is required forscripting for HoloLens application. We have used Microsoft Visual studio Profes-sional 2017 version 15.8.1