Millennials based on how they like to try out

Millennials made headlines when they
were moving from college into the workplace and disrupting the status quo.

There have been a lot of changes
since as this generation loves to work and is keen on working. But there are
few differences between the baby boomers and the echo boomers (echo boomers
also called millinieals) which are mainly based on how they like to try out
more things and do not play safe or restrict themselves to new things in the
market. The millinieals are attracted to packaging and what is made special is
the variety of choice that have been changing and It’s been quite a few years
since we saw traditional workplace norms crumble.

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. It’s hard for us to stick on with
monotonous and we tend to get easily bored.

So what excites us?

What tends to make work interesting
for us?

It is mainly job that time,
millennials have moved from being primarily broke college grads living in their
parent’s house , getting married and having children.

With this change in their life
arrangement comes an adjustment to their desires from an employer.


What excites us is mainly job
enlargement. Some people say that millinieals lack the patience to learn but
are quick and grasping and can do the same job better than gen X.

It’s mainly because they got the
best of both worlds. When computer and Internet was born and bred in a maaaive

Education is not become globalized.
People feel liberated with the knowledge that they get. All they have to do is
channelize and use the workspace that they have and build it better. As
millinieals are attracted to the internet and love to find about new people and
have become more social than the previous gen, you need to give them a space to
interact and allow the minds to understand.

Create diversity

Fall in line with the diverse


When given proper space and time to
interact with them they develop opinions and this excites them. Milinieals are
termed as a different kind of introvert , they speak to different kinds of
people of their own kind.

Attracted to wavelength is what they
mainly seek.


If given no interaction then the
creativity drastically decreases and there’s no space to think or get
innovative projects .

It is mainly with the way you

Give the millinieals A chance to
explore and they have been induced to the world of the internet from their




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