Monjur research on this book I noticed

Monjur Ahmed September 27, 2018There are many Prominent differences in the blade runner and androids dream of electric sheep. As I was reading the book And watching this movie.

Also when doing some research on this book I noticed that there are many differences that Instantly pop out to me. so in this paper, I will be addressing the difference there comparing both the movie and the book. As I did some research on this book and movie I read an article saying that the director of the movie had never actually read the book its self. However, he was where are you close to what the author of the movie wanted to portray, another very interesting fact about this book is that the author didn’t really watch the movies because he died.

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He had only seen some parts of the movie by which he had stated that the directors have made his dream come true. So even without ever reading the book somehow, the directors had done justice to this movie and the book. In this paper, I will be using the final cut of the movie and comparing it to the book androids dream of electric sheep. So one of the major difference that I instantly noticed was that many names In the movie were changed. The biggest being the title do androids dream of electric sheep to the blade runner which makes it sound a little worse.

In the Book, the decor is just referred to as a bounty hunter but in the movie, he also changed to a blade runner. The next change in name was the Annedroids or the entries were changed to replicants. The Rosen corporation was changed to the Tyrell corporation. John in Who is perspective half of the book is told from is changed to JF Sebastian.

Even some of the androids names were changed Pris, Rachael was kept their name but Polokov change to Kowalski and Luba loft changed to Zora. So these were some of the simple name changes.Next, I noticed big changes like character changes in the movie. Four example in the book that goes full-time job is a bounty hunter, so it makes him happy when many bounties pop up at once. In the movie, however, he is considered retired and come out of retirement because he is needed, is technically the only man who can do the job. On