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Moyseyev 1Moyseyev, CollinMrs. CampbellCP English 10, Period 32 February 2018The Ukraine and Russia ConflictTanks roaming the streets. People screaming and gunfire filling the air. A warzone outside the front yard. This nightmare sounds terrifying, and is a sad reality for the citizens living in Western Ukraine.

With Ukraine being held by the throat by Russian forces, it’s time for NATO to step in. Europe’s security is being shaken by Russia and their militias in Ukraine. The Ukraine and Russia conflict is threatening not just Ukraine itself, it’s threatening Europe and even NATO too. This conflict must be resolved or else we may see major global consequences with Russia in the near future.

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This is an issue that was bound to happen. To understand what exactly went wrong, the roots of the issue must be understood first. It all starts with the soviet union. In the article “What’s Happening in Ukraine”, it states that “Ukraine was part of the soviet union when the soviet union broke up, Ukraine was one of fifteen republics who declared independence” (What’s Happening in Ukraine). With Ukraine being so close to Russia on the eastern border. It makes sense that Russia would target Ukraine out of all the other nations. With Russia’s expansionist ideologies, it only explains why Russia would invade Ukraine, to take control. With a reputation of being a superpower, Russia would of course want a say in global conflicts and issues.

They want to be treated equally. But sadly enough they aren’t. When Moyseyev 2talking about how Russia is treated, the article “The Deep Roots of the Ukraine Crisis” by Sakwa Richard, Sakwa states that, “The west does not consider Russia an equal in political terms” (Sakwa). With not being treated equally with such power is messing with a force that should not be messed with. Russia being treated equal is a major component to political peace and with it isolates Russia making them politically on its own. The isolation of such power will cause conflict.

The exclusion of Russia from NATO has caused an inevitable conflict and when the countries were apart of the Soviet Union joined NATO, it just created more division and isolation of Russia (Sakwa). All countries are connected, but when a major alliance consisting of 24 countries excludes one major country, conflict is inevitable. This is especially true with a president such as Putin and the political ideologies that flow through Russia, it’s poking a sleeping bear with a stick due to the sheer size and power of Russia.

The major player in the issue is Russia. Russia keeps pushing forces out into Ukraine causing mayhem. Russia’s ideologies contribute a lot to the aggression between the two countries. In the article “The Ukraine Conflict: Russia’s Challenge to European Security Governance” by Derrek Avere, when talking about the Russian threat to the stability of the globe, Avere claims that, “Russia’s aggressive and expansionist policy, which constitutes a threat to the unity and independence of Ukraine and poses a potential threat to the EU itself” (Avere). If Russia has an expansionist policy it only means that they want more land. Ukraine being so close to Russia just makes it an easy target. Russia is already succeeding in taking land, pro-Russian forces have already taken control of a city in Ukraine called Crimea Moyseyev 3(What’s Happening in Ukraine).

Taking a city in Ukraine is a major red flag. It’s clear what Russia’s intentions are and no solution is working. Action must be taken quickly or else Russia may be even taking more soon. To make matters worse, Crimea just wasn’t enough for Russia. When talking about annexing land from Ukraine, “What’s happening in Ukraine asserts”, “Pro-Russian fighters then tried to forcefully take control of some land outside Crimea. Ukraines army fought back. More than 2,600 people have been killed (What’s Happening in Ukraine). Already thousands have been lost, and more deaths are yet to come.

Russia being hungry for more land due to their expansionist policies, will get people killed and is diving nose first into deeper conflict with not just Ukraine but the entirety of Europe. To make matters even worse than before, the U.S. is stepping in.

The U.S. is first in line when confronting Russia’s actions (Avere).

The two strongest countries in the world now stand against each other. Ukraine being apart of NATO means that all countries in NATO may even step in and that may cause a global catastrophe. With such an issue happening right now, it’s important to know the attempts used to resolve the issue. The Geneva conference is the biggest stride taken to try to solve the problem. In the article “On Ukraine, President Putin and Russia Face a choice” by John Kerry, Kerry speaks on the Geneva conference, a meeting in Geneva by the European union, Russia, and Ukraine. The important thing to note is what was agreed upon. It was agreed that no more violence will take place, that all illegal groups would put down their weapons and give back the stolen public buildings, and that the safety and rights of the citizens of Ukraine are protected (Kerry). These agreements all sound like they will help both Ukraine and Moyseyev 4Russia.

Peace on both sides and Ukraine can get back on its feet again. Sadly this is not the case. In the article “Lavrov, Kerry Hold Talks on Ukraine”, Lavrov talks more on the Geneva conference.

As he was talking about the conference he stated that “The two officials have not reached an understanding” (Lavrov). As Russia will not comply to the agreements, the conference could be considered a waste of time. Russia did absolutely nothing after the Geneva conference and just continues to hurt Ukraine. Russian separatists have overrun TV and radio stations, people are being kidnapped including the mayor of Slovyansk and this is the same day after the agreement was made (Kerry). Russia is still doing what it was doing from the beginning. Russia just keeps on terrorizing the nation. That’s not all, separatists even tried to capture an arms depot (Kerry).

Clearly the Geneva conference means nothing to Russia. Talking to Russia is not the answer. Russia is obviously not willing to listen, even following the agreements that were signed by Russia. In order to keep European security in line, force must be used or else Russia will walk all over Europe itself. As Russia is and will continue to terrorize Ukraine, NATO needs to take action. Neighboring countries need to assist Ukraine by driving the separatists out. Buildings will be restored, people who were kidnapped could be rescued, and the people of Ukraine will be safe. After being driven out of Ukraine the next best course of action would be to strengthen the Ukrainian border.

The reason being is that Russia is helping the separatist forces. When speaking on Russia fueling militias, Kerry addresses “Russian intelligence services were involved in organizing local pro-Russian militias”(Kerry). In order to stop these militias being fueled or even resparked, it needs to made sure that no Russian personnel can get into Ukraine. Without the militias, Moyseyev 5Russia would have to use more of their own men, which would hurt them to the point to where it may not even be worth terrorizing Ukraine.The solution seems tough, but so far it’s the only option. Russia will not listen, Russia will not comply, Russia will not stop. If there’s a time to act it’s now. Ukraine being apart of Europe and NATO means that almost the entire world is threatened.

The superpowers like the U.S. will have to get involved due to it being apart of NATO, and tension between the US and Russia is the last thing anyone wants. The people of Ukraine need help now, and the peaceful route has already been rejected. It’s time to go in there, and save Ukraine.