My is to hopefully succeed in becoming

My desire to become a lawyer originates from my observations of the nature around me and the appearance of the legal profession I have stumbled upon in books and movies. I was moved by the character of Atticus Finch in Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird, a gentleman who possesses numerous traits I admire. He is uncritical, constantly eager to be fair and just in his beliefs of others and enthusiastic about the importance of providing justice to all. He accepts the task of defending a person of colour, acknowledging that it will earn him real resentment and malice, but driven by an unfaltering moral obligation to the principle of justice. My own aspiration is to hopefully succeed in becoming a solicitor working in criminal law, but I am interested to learn about all kinds of law. I am well aware that law is one of the key foundations of civilization, a number of conventional precepts and judgments that makes civilized society possible.

There can scarcely be a more vital job in the world, and the prospects are both challenging and thrilling.The connection between argument and evidence fascinates me, and I am keen to learn about the historical context of crime and to obtain the expertise to evaluate criminological research discoveries. Applying legal concepts in everyday circumstances is also a challenge.

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Simultaneously, I am conscious of how diverse law is as a subject and as a profession. Although the criminal law is my prime interest, I should also like to study areas such as finance law, the law systems arising from the EU, family law and human rights law, and the huge area of corporate law. It is undoubtedly a field which no individual can master in its entirety and is further complicated by the fact that as a constitutional system it is constantly changing and adapting. There is certainly a lifetime’s interest in the matter.History is presumably the GCSE that best prepares me for the study of Law, since learning about the past helps me understand the world we live in today. Through analysis of sources, I have developed rational skills, helping me appreciate the perspective of others and evaluate the importance of a date or statement. History has also enabled me to build opinions and to explain them using evidence.

It has assisted me to understand the ways that the world has changed and has enabled me to acknowledge the need for law.Additionally, studying Business studies at A-level gave me an understanding of the political field and helped to widen my boundaries, as to which areas of law would best suit my strengths, qualities, and interests. This stimulated my curiosity into the areas of commercial and criminal law. A wide interest with the news and in the way our country is ruled urged me to pursue Government and Politics as an A-level. The way our government functions is also a significant link with how the law operates, for example, the Executive and the Cabinet are appointed by the Legislature.

I believe that I am capable to manage with the future course as subjects such as the Constitution and Judiciary are component of the law. A-level Law has taught me to create structured and critical essays, as well as the capability to apprehend challenging concepts, which are essential to studying Law in University.My anxiety to study law was strengthened by securing a placement with one of the largest commercial law firms in the world, DLA Piper. This immense opportunity taught me that the qualities of perseverance, dedication and determination were crucial, skills I believe are demonstrated through my ability to sustain excellent grades along with my several other commitments.

The chance to work alongside bodies who have dedicated their lives to the law has intensified my will to study law and provided me the confidence to make a well-informed judgment.Aside from the academics, I have a great passion for basketball, mentoring and captaining my local team which highlights my loyalty and leadership qualities. In my spare time, I enjoy participating in charity events such as raising money for those who are unfortunate in countries such as Syria and Yemen.

I also enjoy reading books as I find them relaxing and an escape from reality. They further help me gain a greater understanding of the world around me.I believe that I am a practical and sensible student. My desire to study law originates in an obligation to principle and a sense that there is substantial injustice in society, but I am completely aware that a degree course will be intricate, detailed and intellectually greatly challenging, and that the work of a lawyer (particularly a criminal lawyer) can be distressing and complex. I understand that there will be much hard work, that nothing less than 100 percent commitment is ever adequate in this profession and that the responsibility they carry is crucial.

Nevertheless, I can imagine no more rewarding career. I am diligent and fervent, work well with others, and have an analytical mind and a great academic record. Hence, I plead guilty in aspiring to study Law at your university and believe I am a suitable applicant for the course.