“Nothing he has a history of how

“Nothing is so unbelievable that oratory cannot make it acceptable.” quoted by Cicero.

Not everybody is a criminal even if they have the look of one. The boy in the play 12 Angry Men, may have looked like a murder because of his past of being bad however, that didn’t necessarily mean that he did it. In the play 12 angry men the juror have to determine whether the boy is innocent or guilty based on the evidence given by the crime scene investigators.

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The jurors use ethos, pathos, and logos to persuade one another of the boys fate.In the play, the jurors continually use ethos, or trust, to persuade one another. when juror number 5 says that the other jurors need to trust him because he has a history of how to use switch blades. Number 5 says that the boy knew how to use a switch blade so he wouldn’t have stabbed downward, instead he would have stabbed up and in. But the blade was stabbed as if there was a person taller than the boys dad that stabbed him in the chest.The jurors also use logos, or facts, to persuade each other a specific way.

When juror number 11 is stating how the old man who heard the boy kill his father and then somehow manages to get out of bed, walk to the bedroom door, unlock the bedroom door, walk down the 42ft. Hallway with a limp leg, get to the front door, and unlock it just in time to see the boy running down the stairs in 15 seconds. Juror number 11 acted this out and came ti the conclution the it had to of