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Omotola AyanbadejoProfessor Stephanie RichardsonEnglish 110130 April 2018Literary Analysis: Dead Poets SocietyDead Poets Society delineates the culture and tradition of a boarding school where students were not free to challenge or question the authority of their teacher but, one of the teacher was different and had uncommon way of teaching his students. The school issues was pertaining to the teachers on the board and the way it is to be taught, while the students are expected to follow it unquestioningly. Professor Keating determined to teach his student to live their life with passion and encourages the boys to do poetry.

The relationship between Todd and professor became interesting because Todd transformed from being afraid to answer teacher’s question to be the first to his appreciation for the professor Keating that could even lead to expelling from Welton college. It is cleared that conflict between the school and the young exciting teacher that is concerned with the moral and political welfare of his students. He encourages them to question the political and social standards that define their lives at the school. As an outcome, he motivates Charlie to publish an article in the newspaper, arguing for why the school should be coeducational. At long last, Principal Gale Nolan, was not willing to consider the possibility that Neil’s suicide was a result of the politically and intellectually authoritarian atmosphere at the school. Also, compelled every member of the Dead Poets Society on warning of dismissal to sign a form asserting that professor Keating’s teaching method was the true malefactor.By the end of the film, it was known that what happens at the school was not true learning but a surreptitious form of political and social control in which the mechanics of the dominant, established society, as demonstrated by Neil’s father’s secretion of his son’s desire to pursue acting, reproduce themselves in the class. Professor Keating inspires them to discover and free themselves from the context in which they suffer.

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The student’s embrace the teacher’s method and were able to think for themselves. At the end, they were courageous enough to openly defy principal Gale Nolan by knowledge of the real situation surrounding the death of Neil and the school’s shameless attempt to control it. The moment depicts the most powerful point of the movie, because Charlie, Knox, Todd, Pitts, Richard and Steven by standing on their desks and addressing professor Keating with Walt Whitman’s poem “O Captain, O Captain” (Dead Poet Society 1:30:06). In the end, it is known that the school is just a political process because it is produced in a complex of political and social interconnection from which it can not be abstracted. The school all about the politics of control and supremacy. The final scene reveals professor Keating’s success by enabling his students to not only identify their ow individualities but harness them into a collective unit that can challenge the social and political issues.

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