On which needed and to setting up

On the presentation day I was in charge of the projector screen, banners, materials which needed and to setting up the seminar hall.

Before requesting the needful things we had to write letters to each and every item. As we requested, we got all the items just before the seminar day. Through many struggles I had to take all the things early morning and to organize the seminar hall and do the other needful things like setting up the projector, screen, sound system and etc. Throughout the session I had to distribute documents to each and every student. These documents ended up being the program contents of our entire presentation.

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I had to assist my team members during the whole presentation which wasn’t my area of responsibility because of the changes that were made at the last moment.During the soft skills session I actively participated and assisted the children to understand the presentations and to complete the activities that were given to them in a successful manner. During the games, activities and presentation I got involved and worked very well with my team without meeting any negativity.