Ophna will remember and cherish for the rest

Ophna AlceMUL238007/11/18 I attended many types of concert especially gospel to hip hop but I had never tried anything new.

Attending my first jazz concert was a great experience. Tuesday evening my brother and I went to a concert, it was a night that I will remember and cherish for the rest of my life. I have finally discovered a new type of music that I love. My brother and I spent the whole weekend looking for the best concert on the internet, but we couldn’t find the best fitted one for the class. On Tuesday morning we found a concert, but didn’t know what kind of music it was, until we arrived there. We went to the concert about 20 minutes late and they had not already start it and most of the audience were here. The concert lasted for 1 hour, which was quite short for what I was expecting.

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It was free, but you had to pay for the parking space. The concert held in Betsy hotel that locate in Miami Beach. It was wonderful there I’ve enjoyed it, but there were a lot of alcohol serving, but I couldn’t drink, because I am under age which was kind of sad, because I wanted to enjoy it, just like everybody else. The sound that was coming from the piano was great and you could’ve heard the harmonization in between those instruments.

Out of the all instruments the piano was the one that caught my attention the most. The pianist usually the first musician to started playing. I felt there was no improvisation every musicians played their part perfectly. The musicians were just amateurs and they needs to work more in their skills.

There were only 4 musicians 1 singer and a very small audience which was the hotel guest. It was a piano, drum and 2 guitars and the audience was probably 15 to 20. I was expecting younger people around my age to go to the concert, but it was only old and couples and that made me really quite uncomfortable. Most of the people dressed casual, wearing jeans and t shirt, females had appropriated dress on, but the musicians were dressed in suit. I felt like the audience knew a lot about jazz and how attentive they were. They applauded for every song that they played and some were even standing. The concert was jazz, but you could’ve heard some Latin sound and the singer was a Latina lady.

She was singing Spanish/English songs. The music was far different from the swing style and it place that you sit and listened to the music. it was soft and beautiful, she sang in a crooning style and music was like any modern jazz. One of the music I remembered that they played was’ my funny valentine” which is quite popular jazz music, even though it old, but you could still feel the vibe in it. And the other I didn’t really catch the names of the other songs, but they had some scat styles.

Although they were amateurs but they knew what they were doing that’s something that I loved about the concert and they tried their best. The songs weren’t hard and the singer was very clear and could hear every word in the songs. The sound was very unique to me in some way, because I was never a fan of jazz.

They started every song with a low pitch and go to an higher one. It had a slow tempo; it wasn’t meant to be danced. No piece sounded like the one before and there were a lot of variety in the music.