Option but the continued dedication and financial support

Option E. Because children’s lack of clean water and sanitation creates ideal conditions under which faecal oral diseases .They need a minimum of 20 litres to for drinking, washing and basic sanitation. People (business people) with financial muscles must donate more money to charity organisation helping the less fortunate children.

The solutions are known and the costs per child are low. Much is being done by the countries whose own children are unnecessarily dying, but the continued dedication and financial support of the developed countries are crucial. Diarehoe,pneumonia can be cured using oral rehydration solutions which is a mixture of water, salt and sugar or it can be reduced by 30% by simple act of washing hands with soaps .it helped many before and can also help now especially for the less fortunate because it cost less pennies . I know that most preventable childhood deaths occur in rural areas that lacks access to hospital treatment.

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Health experts agree that this goal is now medically and logistically achievable but only if the world devotes both the attention and the resources that are needed .The simple tools that save children’s lives are extremely cost-effective, they are not free.