Organizations recruiting female employees, first, Ya Kun

Organizations that employ people with a wealth of different experiences, backgrounds and thinking styles are best prepared to meet the needs and wants of an increasingly diverse marketplace (Tech, 2018). In this part, the ways to recruit and retain a diverse workforce will be explain according to a different groups of workforce which are women, disable employees, single parent, internships and senior or older staff.

• Recruiting and Retaining Women EmployeesIn recruiting female employees, first, Ya Kun Company should make the job ads women-friendly. The company should dig some research on what a young women want or listen to the current women workers opinion. According to (Pratt, 2018), female workers have first-hand knowledge and experience in an organisation thus can provide suggestions on how to make the workplace more appealing to other women employees. Apart from that, in creating a united front, the recruiting team, interviewers and each member of Human Resource program should all be taught that recruiting, hiring, and retaining women is an extremely important goal for company (ibid.).

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Therefore, Ya Kun should encourage the united front to spread the word about the jobs offered to females on their own social networks so that they can share this vision bravely. As to retain the female employees, Ya Kun should improve the maternity and parental leave policies. By improving the benefits, it may help to increase the rates of mid-level women of childbearing age return to and stay with the company after maternity leave (Inc.

, 2018). Besides that, Ya Kun should give a flexible working hours to all female workers including those who have children. According to Ward (2018), women strongly seek employers who are flexible with working hours, allowing them to set their own schedules and successfully attend to both the demands of life and work. Employers seeking more female talent should thus become amenable to the idea of employees’ ability to do their jobs well and not as much about when and where they do it (Ward, 2018). Lastly, in terms of equal pay or salary for women who are doing the same job or task as the men does. According to Ward (2018), companies should conduct an annual salary review to ensure that men and women who have the same level of responsibility and experience are paid in parallel. If the discrepancies are found, manager should work with Financial Planner to make the necessary adjustments (ibid.).

Therefore, Ya Kun should give fair salary to women for the work they do and the experience they bring in the company.• Recruiting and Retaining Employees with DisabilitiesAccording to (Geneva, 2002), in recruiting a disable employees, employers should ensure that the recruitment process attracts applications from as many qualified people with disabilities as possible. Company can do so by consulting with the employment service for disabled persons, or other special agencies by ensuring that job vacancies are publicized in a format which is accessible to people with different disabilities whether in print, on radio, on the Internet by providing job application materials in a range of formats (ibid., 20).

Ya Kun should convey their commitment to equal opportunity in their recruitment procedures and in job advertisements. Apart from that, in offering a job to a disabled candidate, the employer should indicate any disability-related adjustments to the work environment, workstation, work schedules or training which are proposed and consult with the candidate further on the subject. Any special job training or personal support required should also be discussed at this time (ibid.

, 23). Lastly, Ya Kun should make sure that information on job and workplace such as job instructions and manuals, information on staff rules, grievance procedures and health and safety procedures are communicated to employees with disabilities in a right format (Geneva, 2002).As to retain the disable employees in company, a company should consider adjusting time schedules, venues and programs to facilitate and maximize the participation of persons with disabilities in measures intended for the career development (ibid.). Besides that, a manager also should provide an access of workplace training handbooks and materials to workers with communication impairments and intellectual disabilities including alternative formats for printed materials and use of visual illustrations (ibid.

, 27). Therefore, Ya Kun should encourage worker with disabilities to apply for promotion to become a trainer or supervisor as to train and supervise more disable workers in the future. • Recruiting and Retaining Single Parent EmployeesIn recruiting and retaining a single parent workers, Ya Kun Company should be aware of the needs of a single parent in the workplace. To serve the needs of these single parent workers, Ya Kun should provide a child care assistance onsite or offering backup child care for days when an employee’s regular child care provider is unavailable or school is closed.

According to Ball (2014), offering a place to bring a child who is too sick with a cold to go to school and yet too young to stay home alone would relieve one of the biggest challenges working families and working single parents especially to cope with where having backup care services as an employee benefit gives employees peace of mind and lets them get on with work. Employer can develop formal partnerships with day care centres in their area or providing employees with updated information about local child care facilities and their fees, as well as resources about what to look for and questions to ask when parents are selecting a day care facility (Ball, 2014). Apart from that, the company can provide a lactation support where single parent will be given a break times and a private place to pump breast milk during the day (ibid.). Employer can set up a designated lactation room with breast pumps, provide breastfeeding education classes during a woman’s pregnancy and arrange for the woman to have access to a lactation consultant and other support services after the baby is born (ibid.

). These initiatives may give convenience to single parent from missing work often, increase a higher morale and display greater job productivity.• Recruiting and Retaining InternshipsIn recruiting an internship in the company, Ya Kun can provide an internship program. According to Klinefield (2017), an internship program is a valuable recruiting tool, as employer may eventually hire an intern to work for the company and even if they do not come back to the company right away, the former interns may one day become colleagues or part of the professional network. So, Ya Kun should promote the company’s culture by demonstrating the company’s environment as a great place to learn skills. This can be done by offering extracurricular activities outside of work, opportunities to participate in company goals and mentoring relationships by meeting other young professionals in the internship posting advertisement (Klinefield, 2017). Therefore, Ya Kun should expose to the interns on the friendly environment of workplace and be considerate on the working hours as they are still new learner and should not be burden to work in the company. As to retain those internships, Ya Kun should plan an internship strategy ahead of time.

According to JobSpot (2018), it is important to give the interns a detailed plan of the tasks they will be expected to complete by ensuring that they are comfortable in one area of instruction before moving to something new. This will make them become more efficient and will learn faster if they understand what they are doing and what they are looking for in their roles (JobSpot, 2018). With this, Ya Kun can ask the interns about their experience at the end of their program and give them the opportunity to answer honestly regarding areas of success and needed improvement. Ultimately, an internship program should give the opportunity to feel a sense of ownership and investment in the company as the interns should feel proud of that line item on their resume that says they worked for the company (Klinefield, 2017). Therefore, Ya Kun should give the interns an opportunity to feel a sense of ownership in the company by letting them contribute to the success of company itself. • Recruiting and Retaining Senior StaffIn recruiting the senior or older staff, first, Ya Kun should check the online recruiting sites to ensure mature workers are able to apply. According to SHRM (2015), on some sites, job seekers trying to build a profile or resume can find it’s impossible to complete some forms because drop-down menus needed to complete fields such as birth date or graduation date do not go back far enough to let older applicants fill them out.

In building a profile or resume through online, Ya Kun should let certain fields like birth date or graduation date is flexible for older applicants to fill the form. Not only providing it through online, Ya Kun also should consider using a forms by paper and include both language in the forms so that the older candidates can easily read and fill the form. To retain the older staff in the company, Ya Kun could extend the retirement age of a worker. According to Dezube (2018), a company should consider on slowing the exit of experienced workers with phased retirements where in a phased retirement, the worker reduces his hours slowly over a long period as it delays the older worker’s exit as well as the loss of their institutional knowledge. Ya Kun needs an experienced workers in the company to help in assisting and teaching the young workers on how to master particular area in job scope as well as to avoid the young learner from making a repeated mistakes. Besides that, Ya Kun should offer flexible schedules to the older workers instead of forcing them to work for 8 hour shifts. The company can retain older workers by creating a flexible track where they work only during peak days or during the high season, for example, when the restaurant is having an event or ceremony during festive season and celebration.